Milk Jug Skulls

These skulls are made with the gallon size milk, water or ice tea jugs! The plastic jug is melted and shaped over a master skull. Tools needed To get started on this fun project there are some things needed.A RESIN master skull…found on Ebay. Good heavy glovesHeat gunmasking tapehot glue gun wi…By: JasonF205 Continue Reading(…)


Milk Paint Hack

Traditional milk paint comes in a powder form that has to be mixed with water. With this creative misuse, I’m showing you how to mix milk paint fast and efficiently using none other than two items from the kitchen: a milk frother and a coffee filter.If you’ve ever had to mix only a small amount(…)


Roll With Condensed Milk

Ingredients (for 6-8 portions)For Roll :Eggs – 4 piecesFlour – 80 gr ( 2.8 oz)Sugar – 100 gr ( 3.5 oz)Vanilla sugar – 10 gr ( 0.35 oz)Milk – 70 ml ( 2.3 fl oz)Coconut oil – 50 ml (1.8 fl oz)Pinch of salt Cocoa – 0.5 tspLemon juice – 1 tspFor Cream :Cream 33(…)