Electric Consumption Meter CHINT + ESP8266 & Matrix Led MAX7912

This time we will return to an interesting project, the measurement of electrical consumption in an invasive way with a CHINT DDS666 Meter Mono phase, technically it is a residential or residential meter that we have already presented in previous tutorials, finally I will finish what I started more …By: Jhon_Control Continue Reading » Instructables:(…)


CUBIC METER (arduino + Hc-sr04 Sensors)

Uploaded project was designed and programmed by Rodrigo Mejías (Santiago-CHILE).The product consists of measuring from a simple linear distance, square meters and up to cubic meters. Since we are using HC-SR04 ultrasound sensors, distances should not exceed between 3.5 meters and 4 meters long,and e…By: arduino tuber Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring – featured

Make a Distance Meter

In this instructable, I have shown How to make Distance meter with Ultrasonic Sensor and Arduino nano. How to make distance meter Material Required 1. Plastic Box 2. Arduino Nano 3. Ultrasonic Sensor (HC-SR04)4. Servo Motor5. Vero Board6. Battery…By: yobots Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring – featured


Acoustic DISDRO Meter: Raspebbery Pi Open Weather Station (Part 2)

DISDRO stands for distribution of drops. The device records the size of each drop with a time stamp. The data is useful for a variety of applications, including meteorological (weather) research and farming. If the disdro is very accurate, it can measure total rainfall, like a rain gauge. It can als…By: grompot Continue Reading »(…)


1 Meter POV With IOT Enabled

Before starting explanation about this project I would like to apologized for low quality image and video , but honestly it is really hard to took a sharp and clear image from running POV with normal camera like my mobile camera. It need very fast diaphragm optical lens to capture true motion, But I…By: Hamids(…)


Altimeter (altitude Meter) Based on Atmospheric Pressure

This is the building description of an Altimeter (Altitude Meter) based on an Arduino Nano and a Bosch BMP180 atmospheric pressure sensor.The design is simple but the measurements are stable and quite accurate (1m precision).Every second ten pressure samples are made and the average of these ten is …By: jaapdubbelaar Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring(…)


Construct a Ham Receiver From Electronic Components: Solder a Ramsey FR146 2 Meter FM Kit

Assemble a radio kit – from unpacking to operation. The build involves soldering basic electronic components, including integrated circuits and transistors, and tuning the local oscillator. Included are many hints and tips, as well as a simple alignment procedure.The purpose of this submission is …By: Adeldor Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring – featured


Water Meter Automation

Have you got some water meters at your home? Probably you have. How do you like to check them every month? I do not like this process because my water meters are installed in tiny dark place under the kitchen sink. Usually you should use some kind of inspection light or torch to be able(…)


SIMPLE Arduino VU Meter

Hi there this is my 4th instructable and hopefully my best! I have been away for a long time so hopefully this will be a good one!Just to let you know , I am a 13 year old maker so please don’t leave hate, Vote if you want to! ;DFor anyone who doesn’t know a(…)