Arduino Door Bell With VU Meter

Basic idea is – upon pushing the door bell push button, LEDs will start to rhythmically glow along with buzzer sound, after a time two events will automatically stop. The LEDs can be outside the door for entertaining the visitor or inside. In this instructable, I am demonstrating the basic project k…By: AbhishekGhosh Continue Reading(…)



I like homemade gifts and if I have enough time for it, I’ll surely grab the opportunity to make one for someone. I was a bit uninspired for this one so I started looking online and got a few ideas and this is what I came up with.So essentially what I made is a LED(…)


Electric Consumption Meter CHINT + ESP8266 & Matrix Led MAX7912

This time we will return to an interesting project, the measurement of electrical consumption in an invasive way with a CHINT DDS666 Meter Mono phase, technically it is a residential or residential meter that we have already presented in previous tutorials, finally I will finish what I started more …By: Jhon_Control Continue Reading » Instructables:(…)


CUBIC METER (arduino + Hc-sr04 Sensors)

Uploaded project was designed and programmed by Rodrigo Mejías (Santiago-CHILE).The product consists of measuring from a simple linear distance, square meters and up to cubic meters. Since we are using HC-SR04 ultrasound sensors, distances should not exceed between 3.5 meters and 4 meters long,and e…By: arduino tuber Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring – featured

Make a Distance Meter

In this instructable, I have shown How to make Distance meter with Ultrasonic Sensor and Arduino nano. How to make distance meter Material Required 1. Plastic Box 2. Arduino Nano 3. Ultrasonic Sensor (HC-SR04)4. Servo Motor5. Vero Board6. Battery…By: yobots Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring – featured


Acoustic DISDRO Meter: Raspebbery Pi Open Weather Station (Part 2)

DISDRO stands for distribution of drops. The device records the size of each drop with a time stamp. The data is useful for a variety of applications, including meteorological (weather) research and farming. If the disdro is very accurate, it can measure total rainfall, like a rain gauge. It can als…By: grompot Continue Reading »(…)


1 Meter POV With IOT Enabled

Before starting explanation about this project I would like to apologized for low quality image and video , but honestly it is really hard to took a sharp and clear image from running POV with normal camera like my mobile camera. It need very fast diaphragm optical lens to capture true motion, But I…By: Hamids(…)