ErgoDox Mechanical Keyboard

The ErgoDox keyboard is a split, mechanical and programmable keyboard. It is fully open-source so, all you need to build it is buy the parts and dedicate the time.I work as a software engineer and am always looking for ways to improve my productivity and make my typing easier. I actually first heard…By: GillyB2 Continue(…)


Mechanical Arm Test Fixture

I was wanting to test software for an upcoming project and required a mechanical arm to do so.I chose basic forms since the goal was to test function. Future revisions have better aesthetics. This was designed and built on the fly with little more than an idea of the finished arm.There were mistakes…By: Random_Canadian Continue(…)


Making a Wall Hanging Brass Mechanical Alarm Clock in the Home Machine Shop

This build is for a weight driven verge and foliot alarm clock based on plans by John Wilding. The plans and materials can all be purchased from Ian T Cobb’s website Like many people I was captivated by Clickspring’s videos of his clock project, so I decided that I would …By: Thonemeister Continue Reading(…)


Mechanical Mut

My small friend is always happy to see you and he’s a very sensitive fellow. Squeeze his front right leg and he opens his jaw. Squeeze his left leg and he wags his tail. He’s used to being small so he looks up at you, although his eyes get all excited if you pick him(…)


Clean an Old Mechanical Keyboard

Mechanical keyboards used to be very common and popular in the 1990s and earlier, and for many people the feel and sound they gave more closely resembled the typewriters they might have been previously used to. Since then, the mechanical keyboard has given way to cheaply produced ‘rubber dome’ st…By: DentDentArthurDent Continue Reading » Instructables:(…)