Stuck Hand in a Meat Grinder

It’s that time of the year again.In this Instructable, we’ll make a "Stuck hand in a meat grinder" prop.What’s needed:2 x Pringles cans (1 small, 1 normal size)1 x Large Funel1 x Wooden spatulaBolts, Nuts, Spray paint etc. I took a small Pringles can and drilled holes in the bottom. I shorte…By: ShakeTheFuture Continue Reading(…)


Minced Meat Paprika Pizza Ring With Mozzarella & Olives Recipe

Ingredients:1 portion pizza dough500g minced meat300g paprika slices250g mozzarella cheese100g olivessalt, pepper & paprika Preparation Fry the meat in a hot pan and scatter salt, pepper & paprika to it. Fry it till it looks good then add the paprika and stir a few minutes. Cut the olives in piec…By: FoodforDude Continue Reading » Instructables:(…)