How to Measure Astigmatism

Astigmatism is a common eye condition that causes blurry vision. It occurs when your cornea is more oblong, or football-shaped, than round. Astigmatism can be diagnosed by your optometrist or ophthalmologist with a comprehensive eye exam. It can be corrected with glasses, contacts, or sometimes surgery – but measuring the shape of your cornea is(…)


How to Measure a TV

As technology continues to improve, TVs continue to get bigger and better. If you’ve recently upgraded to a sleek new model, you may be wondering how best to measure it for display. Luckily, measuring a TV is incredibly simple, and only takes a few seconds in most cases. Stretch a tape measure from corner to(…)


How to Measure a Dog for Clothes

Dog clothes are cute, and they can also be super functional. From sweaters, coats, and hoods that keep your pup warm in cool weather to harnesses to keep them safe on walks, it’s important to get your dog’s measurements right. Clothes that are too tight could cut off blood circulation, and clothes that are too(…)


How to Measure for Jeans

Finding the right pair of jeans can take a lot of trial and error even if you do know your size. Once you’ve measured your inseam and waist, however, you’ll be able to choose and purchase the right pair much more quickly. Measure yourself or have a friend help take your measurements before shopping for(…)

How to Measure Square Footage

Knowing how to measure square footage can be very useful for real estate rental and sale purposes, and it can also help you ace your next geometry test. To measure the square footage of a space, separate the space into manageable parts, find the square footage of all those different parts (usually by multiplying length(…)


Measure Pressure With Your Micro:bit

The following instructable describes a easy to build and inexpensive device to perform pressure measurements and demonstrate Boyle’s law, using the micro:bit in combination with the BMP280 pressure/temperature sensor. Whereas this syringe/pressure sensor combination has already been described in one…By: Dr H Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring – featured


Bamboo Spaghetti Measure

Okay. I’ll preface this by saying this is quite possibly the silliest thing I have ever made. It’s silly. Right, so that is out the way. In this Instructables I show how I made this Bamboo Spaghetti Measurer. My wife and I are pretty terrible at working out how much spaghetti is needed for each(…)