Math Learning for Kids

This project is a reverse calculator: the user is presented a random math problem to solve. The number of right and wrong answers is presented on the screen. Needed Parts The parts you will need are: Arduino Nano, or another micro-controller. Keypad. I used a 4×4 membrane keypad. Display. I us…By: BorisK4 Continue Reading »(…)


How to Improve Mental Math Skills

Eventually, you’ll find yourself in a situation where you’ll have to solve a math problem without a calculator. Even if you’re good at math, mental math can be incredibly difficult to do. To solve problems in your head, you’ll need an entirely new set of strategies and methods that differ from what you were taught(…)


How to Study for a Math Exam

Practice makes perfect when it comes to math – that’s why your teacher assigns so many tedious homework problems! Many people try to study for math by simply memorizing formulas and equations the way they would memorize facts and dates. While knowing formulas and equations is important, the best way to learn them is by(…)