Corvo Mask 3D Printed

This is my Corvo Attano mask which i made for halloween and conventions. It took me about 2 weeks to make it mostly because i was restricted by my class periods. The First Print To begin this project I first looked for a downloadable file online to print. I began by printing the left side(…)


Make a Simple Mask Out of Foam

Looking for an easy (and cheap) way to make a mask for a costume? PVA foam and a heat gun can help you get there!Tools Dremel Heat Gun Utility Knife PencilMaterials PVA Foam Plasti Dip Paper Create Your Mask Paper Pattern To get the size right, I started out with a (super) rough paper form.(…)


Scarecrow Mask

Halloween is here, it’s time to scare the bejeezus outa the neighbours!Using Hessian Cloth (potato sack), twine, leather laces, a simple face mask and a strong cuppa tea, you can get a really nice but scary costume accessory for the night of all hallows.The great thing about this little project is h…By: MatthewW147 Continue Reading(…)


Skull mask (wearable)

This dramatic and eye-catching mask is lightweight and comfortable, and can be made at home with simple supplies. Great for parties, parades, holidays, or display. LIST OF SUPPLIES 20" x 30" Black Foam Board 3/16" thickHot Glue GunCraft Knife, Straight Edge, Cutting BoardScissors, Pins140# Waterc…By: paulmaguire Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring – featured


Giant Halloween Skull Mask

The Giant Skull head costume is another paper Mache/plaster Halloween project that resulted in a great costume that had a huge impact on the kids! Everything Has to Start With a Plan As with anything I have to build with the end in mind and as usual I started this project with a photo of(…)


Duct Tape Black Panther Mask

Have you ever wanted a realistic looking black panther mask? Not like the ones at Target that only cover the front of your face!!! (…)Well don’t go paying $ 199 for it on Etsy (…) MAKE YOUR OWN!!! …By: SparkyGiraffe Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring – featured


Moon Dog Mask

I guess the origin of this mask can be traced back to the time when I was finishing up the Daedalion mask, which I called The Lion Thing. It was so big and weird and flat, really different from the other masks I had been making. Also, the area in the living room where I’d(…)


Tissue Mask

Hey people i am Kushal, Today i am here to show you how you can make your face mask and take a mold using tissue paper and candle.Materials: Tissue paperFevicolWater VaselineCandle Tools: Container Spoon Pan Induction stove Make Liquid Glue First take a container and pour some water and Fevi…By: kushal kumar Continue Reading »(…)


Skull Mask

Hello!This is a skull mask, modeled more or less after a wolf skull that can be used for things such as cosplay or halloween costume purposes. For some background information that will be useful, plus it’s what I modeled this project after would be this skull mask tutorial and worblapie tutorial. It…By: demu66 Continue Reading(…)