Skull mask (wearable)

This dramatic and eye-catching mask is lightweight and comfortable, and can be made at home with simple supplies. Great for parties, parades, holidays, or display. LIST OF SUPPLIES 20" x 30" Black Foam Board 3/16" thickHot Glue GunCraft Knife, Straight Edge, Cutting BoardScissors, Pins140# Waterc…By: paulmaguire Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring – featured


Giant Halloween Skull Mask

The Giant Skull head costume is another paper Mache/plaster Halloween project that resulted in a great costume that had a huge impact on the kids! Everything Has to Start With a Plan As with anything I have to build with the end in mind and as usual I started this project with a photo of(…)


Duct Tape Black Panther Mask

Have you ever wanted a realistic looking black panther mask? Not like the ones at Target that only cover the front of your face!!! (…)Well don’t go paying $ 199 for it on Etsy (…) MAKE YOUR OWN!!! …By: SparkyGiraffe Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring – featured


Moon Dog Mask

I guess the origin of this mask can be traced back to the time when I was finishing up the Daedalion mask, which I called The Lion Thing. It was so big and weird and flat, really different from the other masks I had been making. Also, the area in the living room where I’d(…)


Tissue Mask

Hey people i am Kushal, Today i am here to show you how you can make your face mask and take a mold using tissue paper and candle.Materials: Tissue paperFevicolWater VaselineCandle Tools: Container Spoon Pan Induction stove Make Liquid Glue First take a container and pour some water and Fevi…By: kushal kumar Continue Reading »(…)


Skull Mask

Hello!This is a skull mask, modeled more or less after a wolf skull that can be used for things such as cosplay or halloween costume purposes. For some background information that will be useful, plus it’s what I modeled this project after would be this skull mask tutorial and worblapie tutorial. It…By: demu66 Continue Reading(…)


Erasable Chalkboard Mask

One afternoon I was at work. This was early on during the sixteen-day stretch in which I was making the Library Mask, and I was in the back room washing dishes. As I washed, I found myself muttering out loud:"What if I just made a plain, simple mask and painted it with chalkboard paint? Then(…)


Library Mask

Dang, this was a heck of a journey! Easily the longest of my recent mask projects (it took me sixteen days to finish, which is pretty extreme), and probably the most difficult to explain to the few people in my life who haven’t stopped listening to me.I’ve got no idea what inspired this mask. It(…)


Paper Gillman Mask the Shape of Water

Big congratulation to “the shape of water”on their Oscar Victory. I watched the movie with my Girlfriend and we love it! We are very inspired to make something based on the movie! The creature design in the movie is a proud modernization of the Gillman in Universal’s classic “Creature from the black…By: mchau2 Continue Reading(…)


How to Wear an N95 Face Mask

If you’re in an area with poor air quality levels, or if an infectious illness has been going around, wearing an N95 face mask is a great way to protect your lungs and overall health. Built to filter out dangerous particles, the N95 is a lightweight and relatively cheap way to breathe clean air and(…)