Super Mario Bros. Mini Shelf

I made this miniature shelf for my son before he was born hoping he would one day share my love of gaming. I can now say that he definitely shares that love. The shelf is approximately 12 inches wide x 4.5 inches high x 5" deep. Gathering Tools & Supplies Supplies1 can brick red spray(…)


The Mario Lamp!

This lamp made out of PVC is inspired by the game Super Mario bros and is awesome. To make this project, you will need:PVC cutter (or you can just use a bandsaw)green duct tapea darker green spray paint than the tape (optional)lightbulb socketlightbulbsculpey (clay) (optional)paint (optional)a shar…By: -NinjaPenguin Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring – featured


Simple Mario Lamp

We all have played with Mario Bros games and i saw few people bringing Mario to life by making lamps etc. So I thought to make one too…This build is simple, no expensive tools needed and we recycled old toy… Fun project for kids What Do We Need ? Material- A transparent cube puzzle- Cartige(…)


Super Mario Odyssey is an open world sandbox game for Nintendo Switch

Of course Mario will appear on Nintendo’s new console. Super Mario Odyssey was first teased this past October in the reveal trailer for the Nintendo Switch. During tonight’s press event, Nintendo provided a closer look at the platformer. “A new Mario game” is a vague label. The core Mario franchise is more like Marvel’s cinematic(…)


How to make Baby Mario

This Instructable teaches you how to make your own Baby Mario crochet plush. Needed Materials: E Hook 3.5 A set of 18mm round safety eyes Stuffing Stitch marker Tally counter (Optional to know what row your in) Yarn needle (to weave pieces together) Scissors Worsted weight y…By: DarkAshes27 Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring – featured