Manual Fire Alarm

Whether you are trying to get someone’s attention, signaling danger, or getting a sporting event started, this manual bell will do the trick. This manual trip bell features a lever activated clapper arm with a spring reset. This project was inspired by Measured Workshop’s Boxing Bell YouTube video…By: tomatoskins Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring –(…)


4-digit 7-segment Led Clock With Manual Adjust & Alarm, Thermometer & Higrometer Using Arduino

For RTC clock I use DS1307 homemade module, but works without changes with DS3231 module. For thermometer and higrometer it use DHT11 sensor, but with a small change in sketch can be use DHT22 (AM2302) sensor.I use led display named LFD080AAG-103-01 (4-digit 7-segment common cathode)."Brain" is Ardu…By: niq_ro Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring – featured


Health Data Importer Gives You Manual Control Over Importing Your Health Data on iPhone

iPhone: If you like to use Apple’s Health app, you’ve probably noticed there’s no good way to import or export your data. That’s fine for most people who use iCloud to restore their device, but if you prefer to set up a new iPhone instead, it loses that data. Health Data Importer rescues it. Read(…)