Wooden Mallet

Disclaimer: I am not a woodworker. However I believe that anyone can make things if they really put their mind to it and give it a shot. I am still very new at woodworking projects. This is really the first time making a mallet and doing a “real” woodworking type of project. I learned a(…)


Hatchet Inspired Mallet

The PDF template is attached to this Instructable, or get it from my website Making your own mallet is almost a rite of passage for woodworkers, right up there with building your own workbench and making a chopping board. Until now, I’ve only been using a ~$ 10 or so wooden mallet from Bunnings (Aust…By:(…)


How to Build a Harley Quinn Mallet

Hey Puddin’, you’ve come to the right place to learn how to make Harley Quinn’s mallet. My friend wanted to try cosplay for her very first time at Wondercon 2017 in Los Angeles. She’s an avid Harley Quinn fan and after talking to her about the awesomeness of props, she agreed to letting me accessor…By:(…)


Carving Mallet, How to Make

From wood fire to Carving Mallet, a trip with only hand tools and fire. Preform After choosing a good log, I remove the bark with axe and saw it Roundig I clamp it (with high tech instruments). Cleaning and rounding with Restaured hand plane and ergonomice with spokeshave Finish For the …By: Wood Eater Continue(…)


Judge Mallet

Judge’s Mallet Instructable Project: 1.) First you need to take a piece of wood and glue it between two other boards that are the same color these are gonna be your outer parts of the wood. Make sure the inner board is a different color than the outside boards.The color can be whatever you want(…)


Hot Glue Carving Mallet

Easy mallet build What you will need Affil. Links, helps a brother out you know.Ryobi P305 18V ONE+ HOT GLUE GUN 3034502 Hot Glue Sticks 4 In. Full Size, 45Count’s Instant Beef Bouillon Cubes, 3.25 oz Jar & De…By: Liberty Woodworking Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring – featured


The Big Pallet Mallet

I had some pallet wood left over from a greenhouse build and decided to do something silly with it, I found out however that it managed to stay together and was actually very useful for banging posts into the ground. I also think it could be used for timber framing as a "persuader" of sorts(…)


Carpenters Mallet

Make a carpenters mallet to knock wooden pieces together and drive dowels or chisels. Handle Cut a piece of stock for the handle. Bevel Cut the handle so that one end is 1.5" wide and the other is 1" wide. Tack a 0.25" piece of scrap to the side of the handle to make the(…)