Making the Rat King From Destiny 2

Hello, and welcome to this Instructable. Before we begin, this is a Non Functioning Prop ReplicaMy name is Thom I run Sorenzo Studios where we make things. My favourite things to make are replica props weapons, but I don’t often get to make things for myself. Every now and again something appears in…By: sorenzo Continue(…)


Making a Brush From a Plastic Bottle

In my previous instructable, Straigtening Plastic (PET) Strip, I was showing how I straighten plastic bottle strip to change it’s propperties and make it more suitable for some projects. Also, I promissed to show how to make a simple brush using straightened strip for bristles, and this is what I’m …By: Waldemar Sha Continue Reading(…)


Making a Mignardise Mousse Cake

In this instructable, we’ll learn how to make a mignardise mousse cake: a fancy bite-sized dessert fit for any occasion!Anyone who loves chocolate and wants to try their hand at making a simple yet delectable dessert can easily follow this recipe without any prior cooking or baking skills.The mignar…By: mysttime Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring(…)


Making Laminated Wood Spoons

This pair of wooden spoons made in collaboration with Pat Laperrière over at Le PicBois in Quebec (Fabrication de cuillères en bois avec la collaboration de Pat Laperrière). The spoons are the size of a large kitchen spoon and are made from a lamination of walnut and cherry. Pat laminated them and c…By: JackmanWorks Continue(…)


Making a Six Claw Collet

This is a short tutorial on how to make a traditional six claw collet without any jig or Plaster of Paris or wax. In this tutorial the photo’s were taken on my bench and are ‘as is’ :)In the ‘old days’ I used to make collets only in this manner. Then along came the supply(…)