Making a Side Board Cabinet

How-to guide on making a side board cabinet out of oak veneered plywood & blackboard, that utilises organically shaped cut-outs as handle and door pulls.You can see what tools were used to make the cabinet here: final dimensions of the cabinet were: …By: JMakesUK Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring – featured


Making a Shopper Bag

Today I’m gonna make a Garden Party st shopper bag★ HOW TO GET A PATTERN ★ Clilcking ‘Like’ and ‘subscribe’ Then, Leave an email in your comment. Sketch & Making a Pattern It’s helpful to draw the bag first to visualizeThe bottom pattern determines the size of the bag Cutting the Leather Cut t…By: hahnsatelier(…)


Making an Off Road Trailer.

The wife and I wanted to have an off road capable trailer trailer. Since we have the capabilities we decided it would be a cheaper and more robust option for us to build it our self. Many people decide to take a cargo trailer and modify it for off road use but we decided to(…)


Making a Simple Bezel Set Ring

Here’s how to make a simple ring with a bezel set stone. This is a great first project for someone who wants to make a ring with a single stone as it can be fabricated very easily and it can accommodate a wide variety of stone shapes. Let’s get started! Tools and Materials I covered(…)