DIY Paper Magic Card

As the first instructable in the instructable Page DIY Makers. We have decided to post a project which Includes a Simple Magic which is made by simple things like paper, Hard A4 papers and likewise. So we have decided to post a project called as " DIY Paper Magic Card". You can give this handmade(…)


Paper Magic Trick

This is a fun, easy trick you can pull on family and friends. With this trick, you can always bet your friends and win. All you have to say is "I bet you I can make a hole in this piece of paper large enough to fit through." Of course, your friends will think you(…)



Stage One will have you changing an Ace into a Joker (or some other card – the choice is yours).You can stop right there, or continue to Stage Two.With some extra preparation, you can have the Ace disappear completely.For Stage One, you will need: An old pack of cards (or a cheap pack from a(…)


”Magic Button” Remote Switch

PROBLEM: The LED panel light (DIY – of course!) installed on the ceiling of my workshop/garage is plugged into a power socket on the ceiling. I needed some way to remotely switch it on and off from where the main light switches are located.SOLUTION: The "Magic Button" is born.The Magic Button is a s…By: Allan_D_Murray(…)


Accel Writing (Magic Hand)

IntroductionThe Magic Hand allows people with disabilities and motor skill impairments to enjoy the creativity of drawing and writing in a simulated environment. The Magic Hand is a wearable glove that senses the motion of your index finger and translates that into the drawing of lines on a computer…By: rdanehy Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring(…)


Magic Mirror

Wall Based Magic Mirror for Current Weather & Time Display Flashing RaspberriPi Hard Disk / Install Required Software (Using Ubuntu Linux) Download "RASPBIAN JESSIE LITE" your new hard disk for DashboardPIInsert the microSD to your computer v…By: khinds10 Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring – featured