Home Made Hide Glue

How to make hide glue. Hide glue can be an easy to use glue as it is transparent to finishes and it holds very well. In addition, hide glue is traditional and a lot of fun to use. In this video, we discuss how to make hide glue from rawhide chew toys. For thousands of(…)


Cutlery Made From Rice

Woudn’t it be nice if we could do without all the plastic forkes, knives and spoons we get with takeaway?One alternative would be cutlery from rice. It is eays to make, breakes as easy as the plastik stuff and dekays in a short time.After an intense session of scrubbing a pot, that I had used(…)


How I Made Cycling Desk in 5 Minutes

Today I made this cycling desk pedals using a simple modification. Cycling Desk Cycling desk is brilliant idea to spend your time in front of your desk.Instead of sitting without any action for long hours, cycling pedals give you the chance to train your legs and joints under the desk without goi…By: ahmedebeed555 Continue Reading(…)