Wallet Made Out Car Leather

I once had a wallet that I loved and was a perfect fit for me. It was from Ecco, certainly not the aesthetically pleasing, but I have used it for 5 years since 2013. It was made out of very soft leather, 3 card holders, a coin bag, and 2 separate bill sections. It was(…)


Raised Garden Bed Made of Wood

I love gardening and I love making things from wood.This is how I make my simple raised beds. You just need wood, a chop saw, drill, and screws. Cut and Lay Out Your Pieces I bought (2) 2 in. x 6 in. x 12 ft. #2 Prime Cedar-Tone Ground Contact Pressure-Treated LumberI bought 4 in.(…)


Teardrop Camper Made of Wood

I made this teardrop by closely following and inspired by the Instructable called Teardrop Trailer by e1ioan.I didn’t use any plans, just had a design in mind and researched as I went along.Initially, I wanted to do this project as a group because I was not entirely confident I could pull this off a…By: SusanYoung1982(…)


Home Made Sock Shoes

I love to walk barefoot, but sometimes that is not the best idea. Shoes are not always necessary, so I thought the solution would be sock-shoes. Just socks with a sole underneath. (Then I found out that I was not the only one with that idea, but I still made them.)I used oogoo for the(…)


Home made backpack

A couple of months ago I started brainstorming the idea of making my own backpack when I didn’t find one that fit me just right. I wanted one that would look good for both school, and city, and be sturdy and blend in well enough for the woods on a day trip. I drew inspiration(…)