Basic Sewing Machine Cleaning

This certainly isn’t a glamorous Instructable but it is one of those things like brushing your teeth: A basic cleaning of your machine before starting each new project will help ensure the long life of your sewing machine and will help avoid frustrations that might pop up if your machine is gunked u…By: JudeSewsSpunk Continue(…)


Pnewmohudralic Jet Machine Marklar 3

Jet powered machines always more interesting than regular vehicle. So Idecided to create fun toy, with jet engine.You can make this, for playing with kids and explain them how jet powered machines move.This jet tricycle have interesting jet engine, it nice demonstration of working jet engine, and, w…By: Katod Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring –(…)


Office Arcade Machine

For those of you who expected this to be yet another handmade synthesizer case it might be a little disappointing, but today I’d like to share our experience building a full size arcade machine for our office. It was a collaborative effort by a bunch of software developers from Issuu, a kick-ass dig…By: rzinurov Continue(…)


Automated De-Icing Machine

Winters have been known to be terrible seasons because of the severity and consequences of falling on ice. We have sought out to create an innovation to increase the efficiency of spreading salt on pavement to prevent this problem. Initially, the Salt Blaster was a machine supposed to be installed o…By: bcamrl Continue Reading »(…)


DIY Weighing Machine

In today’s Instructable, I’ll show you how to build an easy but useful Weighing Machine. It is very sensitive and accurate up to 3 grams. The maximum weight it can measure is 20 kgs but I’ll also show you how you can effortlessly build one that can measure up to 150 kgs. Watch the Video!(…)


The Pocket Sized Popcorn Machine

Popcorn has been a snack celebrated by millions since its discovery back in 1885. Within each kernel of this magical specie of corn contains a small amount of water and a small amount of starch, when every kernel is heated, the small amount of water expands and expands causing high pressure and stea…By: Makersauce Continue(…)


Soil Sieve Sifter Machine

I wanted a really easy way of sifting soil for my vegetable patch. I already owned a Belle electric mixer which you can pickup very cheaply. I also purchased another barrel which I cut about to make my sieve. You Will Need Belle Mixer Barrel Wire Mesh Wire Cutters Angle Grinder Cutting Disks X5 M10…By:(…)