Arcade Game Machine With Raspberry Pi

Making story : Arcade game machine with retro pi (raspberry pi3) Purchase parts purchase parts (joysticks , usb controler etc) from aliexpress.LCD panel from old monitor. Assembly #1 Assembling housing .with birch plywood 15t , aluminium profile 30*30 , PVC plastic flat board,acrylic sheet 1…By: 수진권 Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring – featured


Snickers No Machine Ice Cream

Hey y’all,In this instructable I want to share a delicious homemade no machine ice cream recipe with a snickers kick!Here’s a video tutorial of the process: Ingredients & Tools Ingredients2 C Heavy Whipping Cream1 (14 oz) can Sweetened Condensed Milk 1 t Vanilla 6 (1.86 oz bars) Snicker Bars (cho…By: ModernFarmhouseKitchen Continue Reading » Instructables:(…)


Retro-Gaming Machine with Raspberry PI, RetroPie and Homemade Case

Some time ago I found a Linux distribution for Raspberry Pi named RetroPie. I found out immediately that it is a great idea with a great implementation. One-purpose retro-gaming system without unnecessary features. Brilliant.Soon after, I decided to buy a new Raspberry Pi, on which I wanted to run t…By: MarPok Continue Reading » Instructables:(…)


Making a Wall Hanging Brass Mechanical Alarm Clock in the Home Machine Shop

This build is for a weight driven verge and foliot alarm clock based on plans by John Wilding. The plans and materials can all be purchased from Ian T Cobb’s website Like many people I was captivated by Clickspring’s videos of his clock project, so I decided that I would …By: Thonemeister Continue Reading(…)


The ULTIMATE Gumball Machine

What is ultimate? Infinite RGB? How about a cool LCD touchscreen? Maybe even some completely unnecessary wifi capabilities? How about all of them- in a gumball machine. DFRobot reached out to me to create a project that uses their 2.8" TFT screen, so I made the most amazing gumball machine ever (…By: Arduino_having11_Guy Continue Reading(…)


Mini Pasta Machine Etching Press

Printmaking is considered one of the more democratic methods of making art, thanks to the ease of making multiples. Many types of printmaking can be done using basic household items, but etching has remained an outlier because you really need an etching press to do it, and etching presses are very e…By: crumpart Continue Reading(…)