How to Wash Shoes in a Washing Machine

If your shoes have become extra dirty or smelly, you may be able to refresh them in the washing machine. Canvas or pleather shoes can easily be washed on the gentle cycle and then air-dried. Don’t wash leather shoes, formal shoes (like heels), or boots in the machine. Instead, wash these by hand. EditSteps EditPre-Cleaning(…)



Hello friendsI have made a Automatic wire cutting machine using Arduino nano controller board.Basically there are 3 process level of this machine like1) first process is InputInput like wire length and wire quantity provided by pressing push button also the real time data can read on 16 X 2 LCD2) Pr…By: JLGG_3D Continue Reading »(…)


Card Sorter for a Trading Card Machine

Card Sorter for a Trading Card MachineThe BackgroundI already explained the motivation of my project in the Card Feeder article. But in short, my children and I have amassed a large amount of Trading Cards by now. The handling, sorting, etc. is very difficult with these quantities. We have already t…By: theguymasamato Continue Reading »(…)


Card Feeder for a Trading Card Machine

Card Feeder for a Trading Card MachineThe BackgroundWhen I was young, I collected tons of trading cards, but for some years, the passion for collecting has been decreasing. In the meantime I have children and slowly but surely they also start to get interested in trading cards. So I’m back in the ga…By: theguymasamato Continue(…)



After a few weeks’ break, we are back with a new project. In this video, we will try to make a simple cnc machine with you. “ A SIMPLE HOMEMADE TRIPLE MACHINE “. With this cnc machine you will be able to do 3 different jobs. -Engraving with Dremel, -Laser cutting -Drawing with penWith the(…)