Card Feeder for a Trading Card Machine

Card Feeder for a Trading Card MachineThe BackgroundWhen I was young, I collected tons of trading cards, but for some years, the passion for collecting has been decreasing. In the meantime I have children and slowly but surely they also start to get interested in trading cards. So I’m back in the ga…By: theguymasamato Continue(…)



After a few weeks’ break, we are back with a new project. In this video, we will try to make a simple cnc machine with you. “ A SIMPLE HOMEMADE TRIPLE MACHINE “. With this cnc machine you will be able to do 3 different jobs. -Engraving with Dremel, -Laser cutting -Drawing with penWith the(…)


Arduino Fog Machine Timer

If you are like me you have probably seen those timer modules for your smoke machine at the Halloween store and thought "$ 40!?! I could probably just build one of these with an Arduino!" Well here is how you do it…Plus, with the flexibility of the Arduino you can do some things that is(…)


How to Build a USBTiny ISP Programmer : by Utilizing CNC PCB Milling Machine

Did you think about how to build your own electronic project from scratch?Doing electronics projects is so exciting and fun for us, makers. But most makers and hardware enthusiast who are just stepping ahead to the maker culture built their projects with development boards, breadboards, and modules….By: DIYmechanics Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring – featured


Arduino Based Flute Player Machine

In this instructable, I am trying to present a project that combines art with engineering. A machine that plays the flute. It controls notes using Arduino. Various tune or song can be programmed on Arduino, which Arduino plays on flute. An Arduino controls the notes being played of flute there are n…By: abhilash_patel Continue Reading(…)