How to Avoid Falling in Love

Perhaps you think you might be falling in love with someone you know is off-limits or just not right for you. Or, maybe your life is just too hectic to fall in love with anyone right now. Well, don’t panic! You can rein in your feelings by distancing yourself from a particular person, diverting your(…)


F@!rYtALe LoVE!!!

Wanna make ur LOVE feel special!!!make him smile?? ;)..Then TRY this out!!! Things needed!! 1) Black chart 18*142) White chart 23*18 and 18*143) 3D glitter4) Glitter tape5) Scissor6) Fevicol7) Scale8) Pencil9) 1 A4 sheet10) Red handmade paper How to make front part of the card..1) Fold 18*14…By: jazeela Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring – featured


” I Love Batman ” Key Chain

I’ve been a Batman fan since I was 7-years-old. This started when I watched the movie " Batman : Begins " From that day I became his utmost fan. The only reason I am his fan is that Batman doesn’t have a super power. He’s not an alien or meta human. He doesn’t have any(…)