How To Write a Love Note

Sometimes it happens that I have a day off, while my boyfriend has to leave for work early. What I like doing then, is to leave him a note. It’s fun to do, and I know he likes reading a personal message that makes him feel loved after an exhausting day at work. All my(…)


How to Teach Someone to Love Themselves

Self-love is sometimes dismissed as selfish or arrogant. However, it’s a vital and often overlooked aspect of mental health. If you want to teach someone to love themselves, help them build their self-esteem, and provide tips on keeping negative thoughts in check. In addition, explain how they can put self-love into practice by maintaining their(…)


How to Make Your Cats Love You

Does your cat love to scratch anything and everything? Well, time to make your furry friend the best thing of their life. A cat tree scratcher!!! Cat Tree Scratcher The materials you will need : Lots of Cardboard (I used around 25 long pieces but depends on the size of your cardboard or cat) C…By:(…)