How to Make a Live Edge Slab End Table

In this instructable, I will be showing you how to create these beautiful cedar slice end tables. You can click on the 2 minute video above to see a step by step explanation of the process or keep reading below. Purchase Cedar Slices I found these cedar slices from a local distributor, but you ca…By:(…)


Day and Night View Live Stream Cam

Rear view cameras, spy cameras, etc., there are enough, however, I wanted a camera that allows a live broadcast easily on any mobile phone or tablet. Incidentally, the construction of technical equipment is funny to me.My cameras will be placed in a horse trailer and in a bird incubator. Material …By: WalterK26 Continue Reading »(…)


DIY FAUX Live Edge Mirror

We all know how awesome live edge furniture looks. Sadly everything comes at a cost, and since I make a lot of stuff I need to watch my budget. Though this may not be a true live edge, with a little creativity you can create an awesome faux live edge piece. Even if you don’t(…)


Live Edge TV Stand Wood Slab

All that project begin when I bought my new 65” tv. I know all my inspiration would transfert in big amount of work … I’ve learned so much during all the processes and encourage everyone to create their own. Design / 3D Models It’s always good to have a complete design before beginning your wo…By:(…)