DIY FAUX Live Edge Mirror

We all know how awesome live edge furniture looks. Sadly everything comes at a cost, and since I make a lot of stuff I need to watch my budget. Though this may not be a true live edge, with a little creativity you can create an awesome faux live edge piece. Even if you don’t(…)


Live Edge TV Stand Wood Slab

All that project begin when I bought my new 65” tv. I know all my inspiration would transfert in big amount of work … I’ve learned so much during all the processes and encourage everyone to create their own. Design / 3D Models It’s always good to have a complete design before beginning your wo…By:(…)


Live Edge Black Walnut and Cherry Hayrake Dining Room Table

So this is a pretty long and involved build, just a heads up. While visiting one weekend, one of my sisters saw the live edge oak coffee table I had previously built ( and asked if I could make her a dining room table.I thought it might b…By: lwentlent Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring –(…)


Make a Live Edge table finished in a hand rubbed Tung Oil finish, guaranteed to make your neighbor jealous.

Do you need a new coffee table? Perhaps you’ve thought of going to your local Ikea to purchase one? Why bother?! You’ve got through ability to make a gorgeous hand polished table, and I guarantee it will wow everyone around. The best part, this is a beginner friendly tutorial with few tools necessar…By: Seanspqr Continue(…)


Live Edge Oak Coffee Table

A gentleman in my area runs a lumber yard for all kinds of rough cut lumber, slabs, beams, etc. While picking up some materials for another project, he offered to give me a small live edge oak slab for $ 10. It had a prominent split running through it which was the reason I got(…)