Tips to Take Creative Photographs – Light Painting

I, as a photographer believe that Photography is more than just pressing that shutter. To create a photograph, that lasts forever it may take days, months of planning. Nearly everyone would have seen millions of those huge Super blue blood moon pictures storming social media after Jan 31,2018 – but…By: nithyarpandian Continue Reading » Instructables:(…)


3dPrinted Ring Light

build a nice and easy ring light for your dslr camera .stl Files after many shapes in tinkercad, i made 4 .stl filesthe first file is for my pendax k-50 for 18-55 lenses.remake this for your dslr if neededthe diameter of the ring is 140 mm Instand Glue add instand glue carefully like the pics(…)


Secret Book Light Switch

Several years ago I installed a strip of LED lights along the top of the bookcase in our living room. My initial thought was to use a simple switch to control these lights, but then my mind settled on something much more interesting – the magical book switch. I’m sure you’re familiar with this switc…By:(…)


How to Paint Light Bulbs

If you’re looking to brighten up your room with some custom-painted light bulbs, it’s pretty easy to do. You’ll need at least one clear 40-watt or less bulb, some special heat-resistant glass paint, and your own creativity. You can also reuse old light bulbs to make a variety of unique decorations for your home. Use(…)


Amplify the Light > Projector Hack

This hack was inspired by #BlackAndBright PROJECTOR HACKING WORKSHOP by Elliot Woods and Joanie Lemercier:…I did it and decided to share my process. The task is to increase the Lumens of a Single Chip DLP Projector. This is done by cracking the co…By: WillpowerStudios Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring – featured


Grow Light Stand

This is a simple grow light stand made out of PVC that has been modified based off plans from the University of Maryland Extension. We have been reading up on how to grow peppers from seed, which is no easy task if you want peppers before September. The stand is roughly 4 ft long and(…)


Decorative Mountain Light

Hi,today I am going to show You how to build this beautiful Mountain Light. It´s easy to make and will add a nice touch to Your bedroom, especially at night!This is my first Instructable, so I would be very happy to hear from You what is good and what should be improved. Thank You!Tools &(…)