Browser Controlled Singing, Animatronic Jack O’Lanterns and Light Show With Arduino and Raspberry Pi

Teach your Jack O’Lanterns to sing this Halloween with an Arduino, a Raspberry Pi, some servos, and some LEDs. This project is guaranteed to delight even the grumpiest of Halloween-haters, and there’s plenty of room to customize the project and make it your own.Credit is due to several other singing…By: fadecomic Continue Reading » Instructables:(…)


Homemade Incandescent Light Bulb – 自作の白熱電球

Recently trend is IoT, AI and etc. But i go against recently trend and made a vacuum incandescent light bulbs! despite peoples has screaming energy conservation…anyway, i learned a part of vacuum technology and scientific glassblowing by making light bulb. Someday it will be useful.最近はIoTだの、AIだのが流…By: 2SC1815 Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring – featured


Book Light Rescue

After my second book light quit on me, I set about trying to find a way to rebuild it with easily accessible parts. I could’ve bought a new one, but I don’t like to trash stuff, especially electronics, unnecessarily. This instructable includes the tools and supplies I used to repair this one, but yo…By: rustysparksalot(…)


Light Sensitive Junkbot

Make your own junkbot that reacts to the amount of light in the room. The only parts you’ll need to make the actual junkbot is an old shaver and an umbrella. The electronics inside are a little more complicated but I’ve included step by step instructions to help. The circuit is known as a Knight(…)