Interactive Touchless Light

Hi everyone! I’d like to share the project I have been working on here. I got inspired to experiment with capacitive touch sensing through a project in my university. I found out about this technology through instructables and used the things I learned here and from other places on the internet to b…By: SiebM1 Continue(…)


Tea Light Clone

In this instructable I will be a bit more elaborate about the path that lead to this project and how I got to the result so it requires a bit more reading.At home we have quite some electronic tea lights, the ones from Philips that can be charged wirelessly. I have made an Instructable before(…)


Portable Indoor Light With 100W LED Chip

In this instructable / video I will show you how I made portable indoor light with 100W LED chip which is powered with 19V 90W power supply from an old laptop.Tools You’ll Need:(Affiliate links)Router clamp sq…By: diyperspective Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring – featured


DIY Dimmable LED Flood Light

Flood lights sometimes tend to stop working over time eventhough nowadays they use LED’s. This could be due many reasons such as overheating or a fault in the LED driver or a fault in the manufacturing process. Most of us end up throwing away a product if the warranty has expired.In this instructabl…By: projectvolt Continue(…)


Christmas Light Tree

In recent years my wife and I have traveled out of the area at Christmas to visit family and have not put up a Christmas tree at home. This year I decided that I wanted some sign of the holiday in the house, so looked around at what I had on hand. (What a friend(…)


DIY Automatic Night Light

Make a simple night light that turns on in the dark and off in the light! SAFETY!!! Warning: this project uses a circuit known as a "capacitve dropper" or a "transformerless power supply" to step the 120vac from the wall outlet down to the 12.8vdc needed for the LEDs. These types of power supplie…By: IainP6(…)