How to Use Light Umbrellas

Light umbrellas are a photographer’s best friend when it comes to manipulating light sources to shoot different styles of photography. Before you start using a light umbrella, you need to decide which kind of umbrella best suits the style of photography you want to shoot. After you’ve decided on the right light umbrella, you need(…)


Interactive Touchless Light

Hi everyone! I’d like to share the project I have been working on here. I got inspired to experiment with capacitive touch sensing through a project in my university. I found out about this technology through instructables and used the things I learned here and from other places on the internet to b…By: SiebM1 Continue(…)


Tea Light Clone

In this instructable I will be a bit more elaborate about the path that lead to this project and how I got to the result so it requires a bit more reading.At home we have quite some electronic tea lights, the ones from Philips that can be charged wirelessly. I have made an Instructable before(…)


Portable Indoor Light With 100W LED Chip

In this instructable / video I will show you how I made portable indoor light with 100W LED chip which is powered with 19V 90W power supply from an old laptop.Tools You’ll Need:(Affiliate links)Router clamp sq…By: diyperspective Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring – featured


DIY Dimmable LED Flood Light

Flood lights sometimes tend to stop working over time eventhough nowadays they use LED’s. This could be due many reasons such as overheating or a fault in the LED driver or a fault in the manufacturing process. Most of us end up throwing away a product if the warranty has expired.In this instructabl…By: projectvolt Continue(…)