Let’s Make Clear Ice!

When it is that time of season where it is cold out and a swap to brown liquors occurs, there’s something I like to make to accompany my drink: crystal clear ice. This can most certainly be done in any season but I like to use the outdoors as my freezer and I will show(…)


Let’s Make Cocktails

Hey Instructables, my name is Anton and I’m a professional cocktail-bartender living in the Danish capital Copenhagen and I would love to teach you how to "up your game", when it comes to cocktails.In this instructable we are going to come to terms with bartending in general, and what is really impo…By: AntonH2 Continue Reading(…)


Lets Build a LED CUBE

Hello everyone! . In this instructable I’m going to show you how I built my 4X4X4 Led Cube.For this cube I used Blue LEDS and NPN Transistors to drive ground signals to the layers of the cube to make coding easier. I hope you are all going to like this instructable. Oder Your Parts. The(…)


Let’s All Party Gluten Free – Savoury & Sweet Fun Finger Food

Although gluten-free food is often a choice due to allergy and food intolerance and therefore often purely associated with health, it can also be an everyday food choice for those who can tolerate gluten but enjoy new taste sensations. Most importantly gluten-free food can be colourful, frivolous …By: Pavlovafowl Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring –(…)