Diving Mask With Add on Lenses

If you are a SCUBA or free diver in need of corrective lenses for your mask, you are likely to find this fix useful. And if you are a maker you can also adopt and adapt this concept for your protective glasses.While diving underwater, one needs to read dive tables or the dive computer, a(…)

How to use Snapchat’s new augmented reality 3D world lenses

Snapchat is not going down without a fight. After seeing its main features adopted by Facebook’s suite of mobile apps, Snapchat has launched the all-new 3D world lenses. Snapchat’s 3D world lenses rely on similar augmented reality-powered animations that made its selfie filters so popular. Snapchat’s selfie filters were eventually stolen for Facebook’s own AR(…)


How to Remove Stuck Contact Lenses

Most wearers of contact lenses will, at some point, experience difficulty removing them. This problem is especially common for people who haven’t been wearing them for very long. Contact lenses can get stuck because they are dried out from too many hours of use, or because they have been pushed out of place. Whether you(…)