Epoxy Resin Wall Art With LEDs

This Floating Epoxy Wall Art is sure to be an impressive addition to your décor. LED lights will illuminate your signature epoxy art, while the striking frame will accentuate your masterpiece. The remote-controlled LED strip allows you to easily regulate when your art will be illuminated and also th…By: diycreators Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring(…)


PVC Faux Bamboo Privacy Wall With LEDs

We love the Tiki / Adventureland-esque decorating style we put into our deck, but needed a visual screen since our deck looks directly into our neighbors’ kitchen (and vice-versa). We stayed overnight at a McMennamins property in Bothell, WA called Anderson School, where their theme is very Indonesi…By: Xryman Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring –(…)


13 Ideas for Diffusing LEDs

This is a list of my favorite LED diffusion ideas, which I hope will provide you with some sparks of inspiration for creating your own next-level illumination. Examples and links are provided for each! Paper-Lined Shadow Box We’ll start out with an easy one: just start out with a box, either hom…By: bekathwia Continue Reading(…)


YouTube Subscriber Counter With LEDs

This is a YouTube Subscriber counter built with an ESP8266. It uses the YouTube apiv3 to poll for changes. It’s made specifically for one of my favourite youtubers Henk Rijckaert.It was featured in his livestream where the goal was to get to 9000 subscribers. Parts Needed – Electronics and Case T…By: SebastiaanJansen Continue Reading »(…)


Minecraft Creeper Sentry With Arduino Uno, Ultrasound and LEDs

SssssssssssBOOM!!! You died. Respawn?Whoops. I suppose a diamond sword would have been a good idea. These torches have terrible attack damage, don’t you think?I know sentries are nothing new. Neither are creepers. But the two combined? I haven’t seen that yet, have you? Probably not. And that is the…By: Dangerously Explosive Continue Reading » Instructables:(…)