Largest US meat processor invests in veggie burgers that ‘bleed’

The United States’ largest meat processor is investing money in a company that makes artificial meat products from vegetables. Tyson Foods has announced that it is spending an undisclosed amount to acquire a five percent stake in Beyond Meat, the company behind the Beyond Burger — a fully vegan product that supposedly “bleeds” like a real beef(…)


The largest dinosaur ever discovered comes alive in new virtual reality video

This is absolutely one of the best examples of how virtual reality can revolutionize teaching in the very near future. Famed British nature documentarian David Attenborough appears in new VR video from the BBC called Attenborough and the Giant Dinosaur, in which he introduces us to the dinosaur known as Titanosaur Standing on a Jurassic(…)


Watch the air clear as the largest natural gas leak in the U.S. finally stops

After 16 weeks of gushing uncontrollably, the natural gas leak that drove thousands of Los Angeles residents from their homes was finally plugged up Thursday. The California Air Resources Board captured the moment with a FLIR infrared camera. A timelapse video of the footage released Friday shows the air finally clearing around the Aliso Canyon(…)