Razer had two prototype laptops stolen at CES

Razer CEO Min-Liang Tan says that two prototype devices were stolen from the company’s booth at CES yesterday. Tan didn’t identify which devices were taken, but a representative from the Consumer Technology Association, which runs CES, said both items were “laptop computers.” At its booth, Razer was displaying multiple units of a particularly exciting prototype(…)


Faster Wi-Fi will be in smartphones and laptops next year

Wi-Fi is about to get much, much faster. The Wi-Fi Alliance is now beginning to certify smartphones, laptops, routers, and other devices that include a super-fast Wi-Fi standard called WiGig, which nearly doubles Wi-Fi’s current top speed. The Alliance says it’ll be in “marquee” smartphones and laptops next year. WiGig only works over a short(…)


The Lenovo Yoga Book Is the Future of Laptops, But It’s Missing an Operating System

Lenovo’s new Yoga Book draws the eye like no other tablet or laptop available today. People aren’t always sure what I’m reading my comics and or jotting down notes on, but they know it’s fascinating, and tiny, and cool. With its capacitive touch keyboard that turns into a drawing tablet with the press of the(…)