Fix Up an Old Laptop!

Hey! Today I will be showing y’all how to fix up an old laptop. Why would you want to do this? Well computers really have not gotten that much better(at least CPU wise) in the last decade so old laptops can be surprisingly useful. Also sometimes you just need a really cheap laptop. Or one(…)


Wooden Laptop Cooling Pad

Because I have an obsessive video game addiction I thought "Why not fuel it by helping my computer run more intensive games." instead of just admitting I have a problem. And that’s how we get here, with your very own laptop cooling stand and a miserable GPA. My cooling pad ended up lowering my CPU(…)


Repair Dead Laptop Battery

We all know it. Suddenly, your laptop battery stops working. It won’t charge and the moment you pull out the charger the laptop turns off. You have a dead battery. I have a fix that will revive it.Please notice, that we are only reviving a dead battery. If you have a "bad" battery that only(…)


Skateboard Laptop Stand

This instruction set explains the process of making some old skateboards into a functional stand for a laptop. Keeping the main components of the skateboards (the deck and the wheels) with minimal additional objects, the resulting product is simple, yet evocative in its use of colour and quirky way …By: katrinab998 Continue Reading » Instructables:(…)


Laptop Cooling Pad DIY | Awesome Life Hacks With CPU Fan | Creative Ideas | Computer Fan

You need to watch this video until its end. for understanding the video. CPU Cooling Fan You need 5, 12V CPU Cooling Fansyou can buy CPU fan it from here: Fan Connection Connect all CPU Fan’s in Parallel. You will need a USB cable for power You can use old Micro USB…By: Creative creator(…)



Now this isn’t my first time attempting to make a fully working laptop using a Raspberry Pi.The laptop I made “The Pi-Berry Laptop” is built around the Raspberry Pi 3. It has 1GB RAM, Quad core CPU, 4 USB Ports and One Ethernet port. The laptop meets daily life needs and smoothly runs programs like(…)


Smartphone Powered Laptop

E-waste is becoming an ever increasing problem in our disposable society. In order to promote the idea of a circular economy I have revived a broken laptop (2007 17" Macbook Pro) by powering it off my smartphone. The idea behind this is as smartphones become increasingly capable and ubiquitous, this…By: cmcinhk Continue Reading » Instructables:(…)