Wood and Resin LED Lamp

A decorative build to brighten the mood wherever you are! Cut Lamp Piece Cut the portion I wanted to use as the lamp from a Cherry slab using a Jig saw. Stabilize Wood The section of cherry with the most impressive grain patter was slightly rotted so I used Minwax wood hardener to firm it(…)


Weather/Matrix Lamp

In this Instructable I describe the design, construction and programming of a LED matrix lamp. The design resembles an ordinary lamp, but the interior has been replaced by a matrix of ws2812 LEDs. The control is done by means of a Raspberry Pi, so that the whole can be programmed according to your o…By: Gosse(…)


Deer lamp

First: Find a deer skull jpg on google images Second: download the image and then put it on a flash drive,Then design a box cutout third:Then take the box cut out design and make it a jpeg then put it on a flashdrive. Fifth: Assemble all of the pieces with super glue Sixth: take a(…)


Recycled Bottle Deer Lamp

Hi All,I like to reuse and recycle things around me. This lamp is made using recycling a soya sauce bottle and scrap plywood from my other projectsI usually save things to make something out of them .. some day…Hope you like this What Do You Need ? MaterialScarp plywood Copper LED stri light w…By: Amit_Jain(…)


Arduino Blynk RGB Ethernet Lamp

Hi everyone.Today i´m going to teach you how to control an a RGB led over the internet (Ethernet wired connection) with an Arduino and the IoT platform, Blynk.For this we need the following materials: RGB led common cathode4 jumper male-maleBreadboardEthernet Shield W5100Arduino UnoEthernet cableUS…By: Nekenhei Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring – featured


Wooden LED Wall Lamp

Ok so I like to play around with LEDs and I also love to work with wood. Why not use both and create something unique.There was a need for some nice pleasant light source above my computer desk and I did not like the light fixture that was already in place.I needed to change this(…)


Concrete Lamp (7)

A concrete lamp from a measuring cup… Hi! For this one you need a plastic measuring cup, textile cable, a toggle switch an E27 plastic socket, a bulb, soldering iron and some tools. Mark and make a 30mm hole on the bottom of the cup to attach the bulb, using a soldering iron. Also make(…)


Lazy Lamp

Is this situation ever freak you out that when you are ready to bed, after turning off the light, you cannot see anything. Has it ever happened to you that when you are chilling on your bed, somehow you are too sleepy to get up turn off the switch?If so, let’s make a lazy lamp(…)