How to Make a Doily Lamp

If you have a bunch of old doilies lying around and don’t know what to do with them, try making a doily lamp! Use a balloon to support the doilies while you paste them together to make either a globe-style hanging lantern or an open hanging lampshade. Then, add a light bulb and light socket(…)


Motion Detector Lamp

I built this simple lamp for my old mom. It is intended to be placed under the bed and to light up when getting up, a simple way to get light immediately reducing the risks of falling while moving in the dark.Nothing fancy, I just found a led lamp and a motion detector both in(…)


Awsome DIY Lamp

Check out how to make this awsome DIY Lamp From scrap. Also check it out on my website [mebradsblog] Tools and Materials Needed You will need only basic tools for this, obviously, the better your tools, they easier it will be to make. You will need – a saw, I used a table saw which(…)


Open, Sesame! LAMP

"Open, sesame! LAMP" is a decorative spherical lamp which color is adjusted through a potentiometer and push button. Sphere cover of lamps is made from thermocouple head and this lamp can be closed or opened through mechanical lock by hand.My project have an industrial style look by reusing componen…By: tuenhidiy Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring(…)


Make LED Lamp and Control It Using Smartphone

Imperfect lighting conditions can be bothersome especially when you’re working on an important project, or studying, or reading your favourite book. By affecting your vision and mood, they also affect your progress. But times are going to change my friend! The DIY Dabble controlled LED lamp is here …By: theSTEMpedia Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring(…)


IoT Design Lamp With IFTTT

In this Instructable, I will guide you in making an internet-connected LED lamp that is both functional and stylish.This funky design object is controllable with a web-app or the online service IFTTT. The latter makes it possible to hook the lamp up to all kinds of external services like Google Assi…By: dpknl Continue Reading »(…)


DIY Rope Lamp

Pretty simple design to get a cool effect.. the shape of the base is up to you, but I decided on this one cause it was more interesting than a regular shape. Tools and Parts Tools:ScrewdriversSawCutters / strippersPliersScissorsFiles (large and small)SandpaperGlueDrillBlack spray paintParts:Wood …By: JamónyQueso Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring – featured


USB SK6812 Desk Lamp

I accumulated several printers, why… because it was cheaper to continuously buy new ones than buy the ink for the old ones. Anyways, I got tired of stacking them up in the corner and decided to pull them apart. They were a treasure trove of parts, including these nifty LED tubes. After closer inve…By: NLC_Engineering(…)