NeoPixel Lamp

This project outlines the design and build of a simple jar lamp using the NeoPixel and ATTiny85. The purpose of this project is to demonstrate the use of multiple Rapid Prototyping machines including the Bantam tools Othermill and CNC laser cutter. Materials:Bread-board friendly NeoPixel, https://ti…By: revithaca Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring – featured


Recycled Bottle Lamp

Hi All,In this instructable, I will share how to recycle an old VAT69 bottle into a tabletop lamp.This is small build can be completed within few hoursIf you like the article please vote for me What Do We Need ? Material- 3/4" plywood- 4/32" plywood- Empty Vat69 bottle- Pva glue or fevicol- Led c…By: Amit_Jain(…)


A Gorgeous Lotus Flower Lamp

Hello friends , I’ve made this lotus flower Lamp very easily with a few simple materials. My grandma is very special for me.She usually likes to elope herself in pujas and meditation on the God’s name. She is a kind of pious and religious old lady.Often when we together go-to the local fair I used(…)


95% Recycled Wood Lamp

Lamps are a good way to learn how to do wiring an electrical safety if you are a younger robot please get an adult to help. Tools and Materials ToolsDrill and Drill bitsScrewdriverSandpaper Materials WoodSwitchLamp HardwareLead Cut and Sand I used a reclaimed pallet wood. But any wood wi…By: OutSideTheBoXOX Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring(…)


Upcycled GREEN Nature Lamp

Gather round, I got me a lamp that y’all might wanna try makin’, just gimme a moment to show y’all how. Here we have us a fantastic green upcycled lamp, featuring a jar, USB or battery power, and a log. Oh, and it has RGB LEDs in it. Even though I only wanted green light.(…)


High Detailed Moon Lamp

Subsequent to my previous instructables, Print Your Own Moon, this instructables show how to 3D modeling a Moon lamp with finer details. Improvement Area My previous instructables show how to create a 3D Moon Lamp model.From time to time, I found it still have many improvement area: Better …By: 陳亮 Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring(…)



Colors, Colors, Everywhere. Some are here, and some are there.Mood Lighting to be Happy, Relaxed, or Focused.In this Instructable I’ll show you how I build an Acrylic LED Lamp with WS2812B addressable RGB LEDs, Acrylic Cylinder with engraved butterflies and flowers on it and Wooden base with circula…By: Maggie Shah Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring(…)


Articulated Lamp.

Today was the day I would fulfil a promise made to my better half and create a lamp for the place that she enjoys to read.For this project I had a few pieces of laminated oak I had salvaged from a chair made by a popular Swedish home store. I also had a lamp fitting(…)