How to Do a French Knot

French knots can look like a complicated way to add texture to embroidery, but they’re really simple. Bring your needle up through the fabric and wrap the embroidery floss around the needle a few times. When you push it down into your fabric and bring the needle through, you’ll see a delicate dot. French knots(…)


Globe Knot

This globe knot can easily be tied around a finger Middle a strand of cord. Take the right hand end and wrap around finger two times Bring that same end from right to left over, under Bring the second strand from left to right under over And from and back over, under Bring the …By:(…)


Manrope Knot Lanyard

This looks similar to the crown and wall knot but it is not the same at all. It is traditionally used as a decorative end to a rope. The individual strands do not go through the end of the knot as in the crown and wall Start with a tight knot. In the case of(…)


How to Tie a Heaving Line Knot

Welcome to my How to Knot tutorial, I will be showing you how to tie a heaving line knot. This knot can be used in activities such as camping or sailing and even just general usage. This knot is typically used to add weight to the end of a rope for throwing or add bulk.Be(…)