How to Paint Kitchen Tiles

Are your kitchen tiles worn out or dated, or do they no longer fit with your modern décor? If you’re looking for a fresh look, painting the tiles can be a surprisingly easy and inexpensive option. While you need to take care of some simple prep work and choose the right products, painting kitchen tiles(…)



My son and daughter-in-law expressed a need for more kitchen cabinet space. We discussed it and came up with a corner hutch. I should mention this conversation happened quite some time ago and they had no idea I was building this for them as a Christmas present. Two sheets of 4 x 8 1/2" plywood.(…)


Custom Ikea Kitchen Cabinets

We are renovating our kitchen, and we have made the decision to install Ikea kitchen cabinets, but with custom Doors and custom Drawer fronts. This article is about how to do so.This article is NOT about building doors or drawer fronts. My focus here is on how big they need to be, and how to(…)


How to Organize a Kitchen

A disorganized kitchen can be a big headache! Being able to quickly and easily find the items you need can save you time and unnecessary stress. Before you start organizing your kitchen, sort your belongings according to use. Next, arrange your countertops and organize your cabinets and drawers. Finally, you can create extra storage space(…)


Kitchen Table Binocular Collimation

I recently posted an Instructable upon my first experience of re-aligning the optics in an old pair of binoculars and although successful, it relied heavily on a subjective assessment of how the images could be brought into alignment by altering the optical path through the binocular’s objective len…By: Organikmechanic Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring –(…)


Up-cycled Kitchen Island

We recently moved house to a larger site with 2 homes…My family moved into one and my mother-in-law into the second.There were extensive renovations to both houses which are nearly complete.This kitchen island was a Saturday afternoon project, my mother-in-law asked if I could build the island fro…By: Left-field Designs Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring(…)


DIY Kitchen Notice Board

I was asked if I could make one of these for a friend. She had seen one but It came with a hefty price tag for what it was. She wanted a board that she could hang on her kitchen wall and the family could leave messages for each other. It could be used as(…)



THIS EASY TO BUILD CAMPER HAS FEATURES LIKE NO OTHER:* Under 16 feet in length, which qualifies for a Permanent Trailer plate in California.* LIGHT – It’s right around 1800 pounds finished!* TONS of storage: Two areas accessible from the outside, storage under both beds from inside, a large drawer, …By: kayakdiver Continue Reading »(…)


Kitchen Island

My idea was to create an original kitchen island at a reasonable cost … I did not necessarily want to make all the cabinet doors, so I came with this project.I thought to myself, why not buy a cheap pre-made kitchen cabinet and build up my projet around !! Shelf Frame The idea or design(…)