Kids (house) bed frame

Hi! Welcome to my instructable on building an house type bed frame. I hope to inspire you to pick up some tools and make stuff. :)This project came about when my daughter was starting to sleep in a bed of her own, I wanted to make something cozy and inviting for her. Materials – Getting(…)


Turn Kids’ Drawing Cat Clock Into Reality (with Swinging Tail)

Update: This instructables is qualified to enter the contest in the final day! ( Happy Tears ~~~ If you like this instructable, even though this is the last day to entry LOL, please vote 🙂 for me ( or any other awesome instructables ) Contest page –…By: musicandsky Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring –(…)


Kids RGB LED Star Nightlight

I love making projects for my kids and I also love making projects using RGB LEDs, so I came up with the idea of a light detecting RGB Star shaped Nightlight for my kids rooms. The nightlight can detect if it is in darkness and turn on the RGB LEDs to 50% brightness, and then(…)