Keyboard Mod: Detachable USB

Relatively easy mod to turn your wired keyboard into a detachable wired keyboard. Open the Case Opening the case was pretty easy. Just grab an old plastic card and feel around the edges until you find the clips. Poke at them with the edge of the card and gently pull the case apart.The front face(…)


Clean an Old Mechanical Keyboard

Mechanical keyboards used to be very common and popular in the 1990s and earlier, and for many people the feel and sound they gave more closely resembled the typewriters they might have been previously used to. Since then, the mechanical keyboard has given way to cheaply produced ‘rubber dome’ st…By: DentDentArthurDent Continue Reading » Instructables:(…)


How to Change Keyboard on Android

This wikiHow teaches you how to enable a downloaded keyboard language or a keyboard app to use a different button layout than your current one, using Android. Edit10 Second Summary 1. Open Settings. 2. Tap Languages and input. 3. Tap Virtual keyboard. 4. Tap Manage keyboards. 5. Slide a keyboard switch to On. EditSteps Open(…)


Keyboard Hack Using a Paperclip

Do you recognize this: you’re typing text on a computer and suddenly, right after hitting the sHIFT KEY, ALL TEXT FOLLOWING IS IN CAPITALS? This is because apparently you unintentionally touched both the ‘Shift’ key and the ‘Caps Lock’. It’s really inconvenient, since retyping the text is often the …By: openproducts Continue Reading » Instructables:(…)


A Pocket Sized Touch Keyboard

In this Instructables I am going to explain about my new project called " A Pocket Sized Touch Keyboard" .It is a Arduino based small physical device used to simplify your different keyboard operations.You plugs it into your computer usb port and touch it on the capacitive touch sensor,the sensor c…By: AmalMathew Continue Reading »(…)