How to Keep a Guinea Pig on a Budget

Owning guinea pigs is something that can really break your bank and cause you financial problems. They require a splash-out of money for their cage, hay and food costing a fortune each month. However, there are a few handy tips to get your financial plan on track. EditSteps EditHousing Avoid adopting more guinea pig’s than(…)


How to Keep Spiders Out of Your House

Finding 8-legged friends in your house can be unsettling, especially if you aren’t a fan of living around insects. You can keep spiders from burrowing and spinning webs in your home by applying natural remedies like vinegar and essential oils. Maintaining a clean, well sealed home can also prevent spiders from taking up residence in(…)


How to Keep Hamster Teeth Healthy

Are you worried about your fuzzy friend’s dental health? Hamsters are great pets that are typically easy to care for. However, they are prone to dental problems because their front teeth grow consistently throughout life. If hamsters don’t wear down their teeth enough, the teeth can become overgrown, infected, and painful. In order to keep(…)