How to Jump Higher in Basketball

In basketball, the ability to jump high can be pretty important, especially for layups and dunks. Thus, it’s no surprise that many people who play basketball, either professionally or just for fun, want to be able to jump higher to improve their game. Luckily, by performing certain exercises, losing weight, and perfecting your technique, you(…)


How to Perfect the Jump Shot

A very good skill to have when playing the game of basketball is to have an exceptional jump shot. Technique and form play a huge roll in how successful the jump shot is. The steps provided below give you a very good overview of that technique and form. Athletic Position The first step in being…By:(…)


Micro:bit Jump Rope Counter (DMP)

Digital Maker’s SG very own Jump Rope Counter! Materials Key in Script Onto the BBC Micro:bit Code Editor Link Wake Up and Download Upload Successful Copy and Compare Attach Shake Design and Print Top Cover Wearable LinkBottom Cover Wearable Link 3D Printed Making…By: Digital Maker SG Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring – featured