Judge Mallet

Judge’s Mallet Instructable Project: 1.) First you need to take a piece of wood and glue it between two other boards that are the same color these are gonna be your outer parts of the wood. Make sure the inner board is a different color than the outside boards.The color can be whatever you want(…)


Exxon Mobil must hand over climate change documents, judge rules

Exxon Mobil must turn over decades’ worth of documents showing how much the company knew about climate change. The decision was taken yesterday by a Massachusetts judge in an investigation brought by the state’s attorney general Maura Healey. In 2015, reports by Inside Climate News and the Los Angeles Times showed that Exxon played down(…)


Federal judge orders Amazon to refund in-app purchases made by children

Amazon has been ordered by a federal judge to set up a process to reimburse parents whose children made unauthorized in-app purchases through games. According to Reuters, the company will be required to alert parents and to begin reimbursing them beginning in 2017. In April, a federal judge sided with the Federal Trade Commission, which(…)


Judge wants US to protect Donald Trump associate’s secret history

A U.S. judge is urging the Obama administration to protect from public disclosure federal court records related to the once-secret criminal history of a former Donald Trump business partner. In a highly unusual order prompted by The Associated Press, U.S. District Judge Brian M. Cogan said that unless the Justice Department acts before April 18,(…)