Newspaper Jewellery Box

hello everyone, i am here with my instructables! a jewellery box of newspaper…… yes of newspaper. its super easy and useful. you can put inside you makeup or jewellery inside. you can put you brushes or more stuff. i hope you will like it. please give your valuable reviews. so here we go.MATERIA…By: Jahnvi trivedi(…)


3D Design As Tool for Jewellery Making

Designing something is typically associated with sketching. Most of the time, when making a new jewellery design, I also make sketches, in the most obvious form: a pen/pencil sketch on a piece of paper. With all the current software available for making 3D designs, I started realising I could also u…By: emilyvanleemput Continue Reading »(…)


Tree Concrete Jewellery Holder

What inspired me? Well, I love obscure, weird and impractical materials such as concrete while incorporating the material into a project where its features, properties and function isn’t required. I love concrete as its such an industrial material and has a very smooth finish. What will you need? – …By: zaclewis98 Continue Reading » Instructables:(…)


Solid wooden jewellery box

Hi, my wife needed a new jewellery box, because the old one was broken. Where the jewellery box lives there is limited space including limited height, so I decided it would be easier to make one to match the dimensions of the old one. Rather than just get some wood and fix it together I(…)