How to Jazz Dance

Jazz dance is a creative fusion of traditional European ballet with the rhythms and movements found in African Dance. Originally popularized after World War I, modern jazz is evolving to include a number of street dance styles.[1] If you’re looking for a fun way to express yourself, jazz dance could be just the thing for(…)


How to Be a Jazz Musician

Are you a frustrated jazz musician? Do you play your notes correctly but can’t find the right sound? This will help you learn how jazz works and how to get it into your system. EditSteps Listen to a lot of jazz music. Charlie Parker, Thelonious Monk, Ella Fitzgerald, Miles Davis, John Coltrane, Charles Mingus, Eric(…)


Arduino Jazz Improviser

Visit this project’s website for a complete bill of materials and more!This design does not play a "song." Instead, it uses a blues scale to create its own music while it plays – similar to a real jazz musician. Every time you turn it on it will play something different; but you can still control(…)

How to jazz up your Firefox new-tab page with the upcoming Activity Stream feature

Later in 2017, Mozilla plans to revamp the new-tab page (again) with something called the Activity Stream. For a while now, Mozilla has thought about turning the new-tab page into a kind of home base for your browsing activity. The browser maker thinks it’s finally hit on something that users will find useful. But you(…)


A night at the AI jazz club

It’s a Wednesday night in North East London and upstairs at the Vortex Jazz Club the machines are calling the shots. The human spectators are jiggling happily in their seats, and the musicians are undeniably flesh-and-blood, sweating and straining at their instruments. But the music itself is the product of electronic brains — trained to(…)