DIY Light-up TARDIS Patch Jacket

While growing up in the 80s, I occasionally envied the cool, skater punk kids in their military surplus jackets, covered in safety-pins and angst-ridden, handmade patches. Now that I have reached an age where I’m expected to focus on the practical things in life, I’ve been itching to combine my lov…By: Bling the Book Continue(…)


Distressed Denim Jacket

Today we will be taking a regular denim jacket and adding rips and distressed areas to give it a more modern and fashionable look. The beginning bleaching process is recommended, but not required. Materials Denim JacketTweezersHighlighterSpray BottleBleachWaterScissorsTarp/Trash BagRazorGlovesWas…By: gdeeds Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring – featured


Leather Bomber Jacket

Hello people,Whether you’re a fashion devotee or not, you’ll love this leather bomber jacket. And no matter who or what age you are, you can always wear it. However, a good leather jacket is an expensive buy, ranging from $ 100-$ 400 depending on the brand. So why would you spend that much when you(…)


Ghost in the Shell Bomber Jacket

Get ready for this one, it’s a bit long. Here I’ve taken a sweatshirt and used it to create the pattern for Mokoto’s jacket from Ghost in the Shell. I was able to complete this jacket in 20 hours. I’m not excellent at sewing and didn’t have instructions, so hopefully you can do better! Be(…)


AC Syndicate Evie Frye Jacket

In anticipation of the upcoming release of Assassin’s Creed Origins, we are honoring AC Syndicate by sharing how we made the remarkable jacket Evie Frye wears in the game.We are proud to present this Instructable as deep down fans.Evie Frye, arguably the cooler twin. Her default outfit used in promo…By: marikosusie Continue Reading » Instructables:(…)