Cast Iron Rehad

I love to go flea market and estate sale shopping. When I get a chance I find buetys like this for cheap price and all they need is love. The First Thing I Do Is Clean the Old Beauty Up. I love cast iron and really it is simple to keep conditioned and to clean.(…)



When i made some trips to somewhere,as far as i am concerned wearing clothes with wrinkles would be a horrible in appearance,also it is not possible to bring up the bulky iron box.This worry led me to this mind blowing innovation……………."A POCKET SIZED IRON BOX"The principle of the this iron…By: nekhil Continue Reading » Instructables:(…)


Branding Iron

We all want to leave our mark on the world. With a branding iron you can at least leave you mark on your work. I used Fusion360, a CNC mill, and the wood lathe to create this branding iron. Don’t let the tools I used keep you from making the project though. I used them(…)


How to Check Iron Levels

If you suspect your iron levels aren’t what they should be, your best course of action is to head to the doctor, where they can test your iron levels. If you can’t afford that option, try giving blood. While the technicians won’t give you an exact iron level, they do test your hemoglobin levels with(…)


Black Iron Fabric Dye

Some of my favorite cosplay inspiration, like The Witcher or Game of Thrones, does a really great job of capturing real-world historical elements in the costume design. For these projects, sometimes I want to go above and beyond and actually make my own dyes from scratch using materials that would h…By: gradientdescent Continue Reading »(…)



In the above image you can clearly see the before and after and everything the process took less than 3 minutes, Refusbish Your SOLDERING IRON TIP Remember to Subscribe my channel: Dirty Tips, Bad Results. If you are pretty lazy while us…By: focamonca Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring – featured