Hatchet Inspired Mallet

The PDF template is attached to this Instructable, or get it from my website Making your own mallet is almost a rite of passage for woodworkers, right up there with building your own workbench and making a chopping board. Until now, I’ve only been using a ~$ 10 or so wooden mallet from Bunnings (Aust…By:(…)


Victorian Inspired Hair Jewelry

Yes, that’s hair. During the Victorian Era, family members would often create jewelry from their loved ones hair after they died. Many of the artisans creating these mourning jewelry pieces would sculpt the hair into landscapes or elaborately weave and braid the hair. I’ve always admired these speci…By: Brooklyntonia Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring –(…)


How to Cook a New York Inspired Hot Dog

The key word is inspired, so please don’t get angry at me in the comments.This Hot Dog has bacon, beautifully caramelised onions with tomato paste mixture… and no ketchup. To start slice one onion. Next light a chimney of charcoal, I’m using Clean Heat Charcoal. Pan a cast iron pan over the…By: John deCaux Continue(…)


Arduino – Rotating Led on Movement – Wearable Item (inspired by Chronal Accelerator Tracer Overwatch)

This instructable will help you to connect a Accelerometer and a Neopixel Led-ring.I will provide the code to read de accelerometer and get this effect with your neopixel animation.For this project I used the Adafruit 24bit Neopixel ring, and the MPU 6050. The MPU 6050 combines a gyroscope with an a…By: Aniki12 Continue Reading »(…)