Simple Inexpensive Float Valve Automatically Keeps Your Garden Fountain Filled

We have a garden fountain that loses water to the wind and sun, requiring frequent and lengthy re-filling from a nearby garden hose. I found an inexpensive plastic float valve and rigged it with drip irrigation hardware to keep the fountain filled automatically. Works great!Total cost was about twen…By: DanDiego Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring(…)


DIY Inexpensive Double Elastic Joint.

DIY inexpensive Double elastic joint.Good morningHere is a little DIY Double elastic joint, intended to be used with small motors (I used it for my home-made cnc mill, which has low-power step motors saved from an old slide projector).This kind of joint act like a 2-stages cardan joint, which tolera…By: Cotekino Continue Reading » Instructables:(…)


Inexpensive Solar Still

A solar still is a device that filters water.We decided to create our own version of the solar still. The solar still is a device that filters water in the most economic way.The solar still that we created was meant for the country Malawi. Malawi is one of the many developing countries with scarcity…By: lfran17(…)