How to Increase Nitrogen in Soil

When you cultivate a garden, you want to make sure your plants grow in the healthiest conditions possible. There’s no nutrient more important to the health of your garden than nitrogen! However, not all soil contains the best amount of nitrogen for plants to grow to their fullest potential. Use the right types of plant(…)


How to Increase Progesterone Naturally

If your progesterone levels are low, please don’t worry! Worrying may actually decrease them further, since chronic stress can decrease the levels of progesterone in your body. Instead, manage your stress to help your body restore your progesterone levels. You can also restore your progesterone levels by eating foods that are rich in magnesium, vitamin(…)


How to Increase CREB Protein

Increasing the amount of CREB protein (also known as the cAMP response element binding protein) in your body can greatly improve your memory and learning abilities. A lack of CREB protein is tied to memory loss, anxiety, and different forms of dementia. Maintaining healthy eating, exercise, and sleeping patterns is key to the production and(…)