Custom Ikea Kitchen Cabinets

We are renovating our kitchen, and we have made the decision to install Ikea kitchen cabinets, but with custom Doors and custom Drawer fronts. This article is about how to do so.This article is NOT about building doors or drawer fronts. My focus here is on how big they need to be, and how to(…)


IKEA Hack : Bedside Table

This is a bed side table that is made of stool and plate holders.Materials:FROSTA stool (1),NYPLOCKAD plate holder(4),MDF,screwsTools:laser cutter machine,3D printer Making Date Make date by rhinoceros. Cutting Materials Cut MDF by using laser cutter machine.These parts put on plate holders. …By: watanabeee Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring – featured


Ikea Hack Built-Ins

I wanted to create custom looking built-ins around the french doors in my house. I started with Ikea Billy Bookcases and customized them to make a to make a unique, built-from-scratch look. By adding trim moulding and paint, I was able to add an update to our home on a DIY budget! Assemble and P…By:(…)


DIY IKEA Pedal Board

As a beginner guitarist just getting into using pedals, I was looking for a simple pedal board. Since I also like to get hands on with crafting and woodworking, I thought it would be a great idea to create my own board. After a bit of research I found a few projects where they convert(…)


Make Your Own Ikea SKADIS Hooks

I bought some Ikea SKADIS boards for the tools in the IMDIB makerspace. The boards look nice and are not so expensive. I also added some SKADIS hooks. At the check-out I was shocked by the price of the hooks. Thinking about how to lasercut or 3D-print these hooks myself, I came up with a(…)


Retropie Ikea Arcade Table

The Ikea Raspberry Pi arcade table is an awesome way to hack the Ikea Lack series of living room furniture into a fully functioning plug and play retro arcade system. It requires only a basic knowledge of computing and woodwork, and makes for a stunning centrepiece for any living room, as well as be…By: parttimemaker(…)