IKEA Stool Hack

This is a $ 5 stool that we bought at Ikea quite some time ago, they still sell them last I checked. Originally we bought it for our kids but they never really used them. I started using this stool as a small desk stool and decided that it needed an upgrade. I wanted it(…)


IKEA Smart Plant

Gardening is very long task taking time every day .For this instructable i remix 3 of my old project the iot farm, the automated farm and the cocktail machine i took the ikea furniture I will provide a guide on how to control your plant remotly or with a code ,for me i used both(…)


Ikea Box Organizer

We have such a Ikea wall box because of the powersupply of the LED light. Our Problem is that we try to stuff as much as possible into the. So the task to provide "something different" was rissen by my wife. So I’ve used my new lasercutter to do "something different" Create CAD Files I’ve(…)