How to Build a Ladybug House

If you love those little red bugs that crawl across your hand in the spring, a ladybug house is the perfect project for your yard. Not only are they beautiful, but ladybugs eat garden pests like aphids, whiteflies, and spider mites. Make a simple house by nailing some pieces of wood together, then fill it(…)


How to Hang a Bird House

For bird lovers across the world, birdhouses are a great way to give birds a safe place to lay their eggs and rear their young. A well-located birdhouse also lets you keep an eye on the parent birds as they feed the young, and you may be lucky enough to catch a glimpse of the(…)


How to Kill Ants in Your House

Common house ants, which are less than long, are primarily a nuisance that you can squash or spray to kill. However, to get rid of the entire colony, use poisoned bait stations and let the worker ants destroy their own nest. If you have carpenter ants in your home—which are long and nest in damp(…)


Insulated Dog House

For a project in school, I chose to build an insulated dog house, which can provide shelter for a dog during the harsh weathers of winter and autumn. I drew up several versions of what it can look like, until I decided that a simple, common dog house is the easiest to build, and the(…)


Gingerbread House

A gingerbread house is a great tradition that you can start with friends and family.It is a beautiful way to decorate for the holidays. And who doesn’t like tea with gingerbread on a snowy day?These holidays I have had some spare time and the result: Huge castle, fences, trees and snowman, all made …By: HadasW(…)


Polymer Clay Sweet Candy House

Hello ! In this tutorial I show you how I made a Polymer Clay Sweet Candy House using mainly a plastic bowl, paper clay and polymer clay. It’s fun to make and you can use it as an awesome decoration.What you need : Warn Plastic Bowl,Paper Clay,Polymer Clay,Cardboard 50x50cm,Transparent Plastic Film …By: Creative D2H Continue(…)


Gingerbread Hobbit House

This was my first ever attempt at making a gingerbread house from scratch so I decided to make a Hobbit house because I figured it would be easier to hide my inevitable mistakes. Looking back now I wish I hade done a few things differently but over all I am pleased with my final project.(…)