How to Host an Autistic Friendly Family Gathering

Holidays, get-togethers, reunions, and other family get-togethers can be a source of great joy (and great stress). They can be especially tough for autistics, who may deal with social confusion, sensory overload, high demands, and other stressors. Here is how to make your get-together more inclusive, relaxed, and fun for your autistic relative(s). EditSteps EditPreparing(…)


How to Host a Friendsgiving

Of all the holidays, Thanksgiving has the best food. Friendsgiving is a Thanksgiving feast with your friends. And best of all, you and your friends can have whatever foods you want. Find the perfect space to host your friendsgiving and invite your friends. Ask each of them to choose a dish they want to bring.(…)


How to Host a Fish Fry

Welcome to my oil party… and I don’t mean the essential oil kind.* I’m talking about a good ol’ Fish Fry, where everything is made with oils, and the calories don’t matter. This is a topic kind of lacking on the internet. "I want a fish fry, but I what do I cook? What are(…)