Ardruino’s Home

IntroductionArduino’s Home is an Interactive building that you can use in multiple situations. Is it almost christmas and you want a selfmade home to use in your christmas town? Use Arduino’s Home to make santa’s village that much more ingaging. Do you play tabletop roleplaying games? Use Ardruino’s…By: JorgP6 Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring –(…)


How to Make Home Security Alarm

Before the inception of smartphones, people used the old keypad phones that were very sturdy and offered tremendously long battery life. In the last decade, Mobile technology has evolved at a rapid pace and everyone now use a smartphone leaving the old phone on its fate. Have you ever wondered what …By: Techgenie Continue Reading(…)


An ESP-Now Home Weather Station

I wanted to have a home weather station for quite some time and one that everyone in the family could easily check on for temperature and humidity. In addition to monitor the outside conditions I wanted to monitor specific rooms in the house as well and my garage workshop. That would let us know wh…By:(…)


Home Made Induction Cooker

Make a very convenient and robust induction heater at home by watching this video Frame Construction Make a frame according the top plate size or as you think convenient. Frame Construction After measuring the center make a horizontal plane to lay the coil on it. Parts Fitting Make appropri…By: ansmann Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring(…)