An ESP-Now Home Weather Station

I wanted to have a home weather station for quite some time and one that everyone in the family could easily check on for temperature and humidity. In addition to monitor the outside conditions I wanted to monitor specific rooms in the house as well and my garage workshop. That would let us know wh…By:(…)


Home Made Induction Cooker

Make a very convenient and robust induction heater at home by watching this video Frame Construction Make a frame according the top plate size or as you think convenient. Frame Construction After measuring the center make a horizontal plane to lay the coil on it. Parts Fitting Make appropri…By: ansmann Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring(…)


Home Made Finska (molkky) Set

Finska (also called Mölkky) is a Finnish game invented by the Lahden Paikka company in 1996.The game consists of 12 wooden pins arranged into a group. Players or teams of players throw a throwing log (also called the Mölkky) underarm in an attempt to knock down pins in order to be the first to scor…By:(…)


How to Control Home Appliances With TV Remote With Timer Function

Even after 25 years of its introduction to consumer market, infrared communication is still very relevant in recent days. Whether it is your 55 inch 4K television or your car sound system, everything needs an IR remote controller to response to our commands. There are many technologies available in …By: Being Engineers Continue Reading »(…)


How to Be a Stay at Home Dad

Stay at home dads are increasingly common, but still face unique challenges. Take pride in your hard work and embrace your role, whether it’s a personal or practical choice. Before you get going, discuss duties and expectations with your partner. Getting on the same page will help you both adapt to your roles. Being a(…)


Do Try This at Home!

Check out the video for a more detailed instructions, or read on to scratch some surface:) Cut To start making these stilts, get yourself either some knot-less pine or some birch wood and cut two straight pieces out. Choose the right length for you. Mine are 230cm. The lighter wood you use, the e…By: v1nce_nt(…)