Teardrop Trailer Tiny Home

Greetings fellow Makers! This little camper was my tiny home for a summer while I worked remotely and traveled around the National Parks and Rocky Mountains.The original post came from a post on instructables.com, and I am indebted to all the people who posted their tutorials.As with any big project…By: briggs108 Continue Reading » Instructables:(…)


DIY Home Office

Hi All!Before we kick off, I just want to say that this was a nice project. For me this was a big project but not extremely complicated. This project was for a customer and they were happy how it came out.If you are interested in the exact dimensions and specifics I have a set of(…)


How to Deep Fry at Home

If you want to make crispy French fries or delicious doughnuts, you can easily use a wok, saucepan, stockpot, or deep fryer to make fried foods at home! Be careful, as the oil is very hot! With some preparation and attention, you can easily make fried foods, like candy bars, ice cream, and mozzarella sticks.(…)


Tiny Shipping Container Home

Welcome to another kick-ass Instructable from Disc Dog! Today I’m going to show you how to make the most amazing tiny home from a shipping container. But first, a disclaimer: I build these tiny homes for a living, but not quite this simple. Mine all fold up in on themselves for transportation to any…By: Disc(…)


How to Choose a Dehumidifier for Your Home

High humidity is uncomfortable, can have a negative effect on air quality, and promotes the formation of mold and mildew. A dehumidifier is an appliance that can reduce the humidity in your home. More powerful dehumidifiers are required for larger spaces, while portable dehumidifiers can handle single rooms. Once you determine the size of your(…)


Tiny School Bus Home

So the year is 1979 and my friends all live in old school buses. I was tired of living in the City and paying rent so I decided to build my own Tiny School Bus Home. About the same time I found a book: "Rolling Homes" that lifted bus living to an art form. Since(…)


Home Made Sock Shoes

I love to walk barefoot, but sometimes that is not the best idea. Shoes are not always necessary, so I thought the solution would be sock-shoes. Just socks with a sole underneath. (Then I found out that I was not the only one with that idea, but I still made them.)I used oogoo for the(…)


Home Party Hawaiian Tiki Bar

Need to prepare a fantastic Hawaiian party? Do you want to beautify your home with an exotic touch? So why not create this beautiful Hawaiian Tiki Bar! Simple steps, guaranteed success. Materials & Design For this project you will need the following items: x10 Bamboo Stick (at least 1.70 m long…By: skeeeeee Continue Reading »(…)