How to Hold a Butterfly

Getting the chance to hold a butterfly is a truly magical occurrence. They are shy creatures, so you should consider yourself lucky if you get one to stay on your hand. Finding and catching one may be tricky, but a fun experience overall. Handling butterflies to look at them closely, in all their beauty, requires(…)


How to Hold Your Breath While Swimming

Swimming, like all exercise, requires plenty of oxygen in your body to keep you from fainting. You should never hold your breath while you are swimming, as it could cause you to black out or drown.[1] Instead, learning how to breathe properly while you swim can help you exercise safely and more effectively. You can(…)


Acrylic Cell Phone Hold

This is a 3mm acrylic cell phone hold for laser cut. The skull is download for flat icon, You could customize or download any drawing, cut and paste in the svg vector. Cut Piece This piece was cut in 90watts cut machine.Red line is a Cut line: power rating: 65%, speed: 26 mm/sBlack line is(…)