Home Made Hide Glue

How to make hide glue. Hide glue can be an easy to use glue as it is transparent to finishes and it holds very well. In addition, hide glue is traditional and a lot of fun to use. In this video, we discuss how to make hide glue from rawhide chew toys. For thousands of(…)


How to Hide Reddit Posts on PC or Mac

This wikiHow teaches you how to hide the Reddit threads you don’t want to see when you’re using a computer. Edit10 Second Summary 1. Sign in to https://www.reddit.com. 2. Search for the post. 3. Click Hide. EditSteps Navigate to https://www.reddit.com. If you haven’t yet signed in to your Reddit account, type your username and password,(…)


Hide a Speaker in a Log

I found this log on a hike in Vermont many years ago. I liked it so much that I threw it over my shoulder and took it home. Until now it was just an interesting thing standing in the corner. It’s time to do something more with it. Looking through my piles of stuff, I(…)


10 Simple Places to Hide Your Money

If someone breaks into your home, your safe is going to be the first place they will look for your stuff, right?Isn’t a safe just like having a big sign advertising your valuables? Instead, try hiding your money in plain sight where they will likely never look! Sound good? Here are ten great places …By:(…)


12 Unusual Places to Hide Things

Hey, you got something to hide?!A few years ago I made this shaving can safe, and outlined how I made it in this Instructable: Shaving Can Safe (that Still Shoots Foam!). Then I recently made a slightly easier version that uses a spray paint can, seen here: Spray Paint Secret Safe.With hiding places…By: seamster Continue(…)