Automated Herb Garden

The Raspberry Pi is an amazing device to complete projects, for people from all backgrounds. No matter the skill level, you are sure to make something great using the Raspberry Pi. That’s why this project is centred around the Pi.We’ve had a vegetable garden for a while now but it has also been used…By: Jasper(…)


Fresh Herb Oil Cubes for Winter

Summer is a great time for enjoying fresh, healthy and aromatic herbs. Maybe you even grow your own in your garden or visit farmers marker often? You can preserve the herbs in oil cubes to keep that summer taste for enjoying later. Freezing in oil doesn’t change the taste as drying sometimes do, hel…By: SabinePru(…)


Herb Garden Centerpiece

I was wracking my brain over what to get my mom for Mothers Day this year. She loves flowers but she owned a small floral business for many years. It has made buying her your typical bouquet a risky venture. She loves nature and has always been an avid gardener. Due to some recent medical(…)


DIY Hanging Herb Garden

This is a project I made for my wife that we put in our kitchen. We usually have a garden every summer, but this year we decided we wanted to bring in some of the herbs inside to have fresh as we cook. If you haven’t already, make sure you check out the video on(…)


Online Herb Hydro Grow

BackgroundHello boys and girls!This project comes from the need of quite a lot of fresh herbs. The best way to achieve this by growing herbs in water. However, unlike normal soil grows, the plants can’t survive very long if they run out of water.To ensure that the plants always have water even while…By: johanmoberg Continue(…)