Dead Space Welding Helmet

A few yerars back, when I taught myself to weld, I bought a fairly cheap automatic welding mask. It did it’s job and still does, but it looked so boring, I had to do something about it.Even longer ago I started researching for an ‘Isaac Clarke’ Cosplay from the game ‘Dead Space’ since I liked(…)


Vinyl Helmet Stickers

Here’s how I created custom vinyl stickers for my motorcycle helmet. I was inspired by hand painted helmet designs and chose brush script lettering to communicate my two most common thoughts about drivers while riding my motorcycle in NYC. For single-color designs like mine, you don’t need a big vin…By: bekathwia Continue Reading » Instructables:(…)


Smart Bluetooth Helmet

It is always difficult to attend an incoming call while you are cruising on you bike.So here is a really easy hack to attend important phone calls during a ride by just clicking a button on your helmet and at the same time always keeping your eyes on the road.Using this hack you can easily(…)


Ironman’s Helmet Out of Cardboard

Hello people of Instructubles, today I’m going to show how to make Ironmans’s helmet out of cardboard.I think this is Ironman helmet numbre 8, that I built, I have the whole suit made of cardboard. (see picture)So let’s start our build!! Scaling The Template 1- Download Pepakura from Here.2- Down…By: MedProjects Continue Reading » Instructables:(…)