Low Cost Astronaut Helmet

If You don’t want to spent too much money buying an astronaut helmet, You can build one by yourself out of paperboard as main material.Let’s get started. Materials and Tools Materials: Paperboard (around 0.5m2, I used an old carton box) White duct tape and Scotch tapes with other colors for decor…By: zolv Continue Reading »(…)


Steel Viking Helmet

In this Instructable we will be looking at how to fabricate a Viking style helmet out of steel. Looks great for a costume or for LARPing. Please note that this will not cover the specifics of dishing planishing or welding, but the overall technique of how to go about constructing the helmet.Material…By: Proppyquirks Continue Reading(…)


Squirting Scuba Helmet

In this project we will create a timer based water pump scuba helmet that will mist or spray every ten seconds. The original intention of this project is for the helmet to be used as a wearable garden, however, depending on the nozzels you use it can be used to keep people at a comfortable(…)


DIY Helmet Bluetooth Headset

This is a super easy and super cheap Do It Yourself guide on how to make a Bluetooth Headset for your motorcycle helmet or whatever type of helmet that you want to use this on. So this was what happens according to the say "NECESSITY IS THE MOTHER OF INVENTION". It has always been difficult(…)


Smarter Bicycle Helmet

I started the »instructable« for my son’s school project. The project was to sell something interesting and so, the idea came up to sell smarter bicycle helmet.The bicycle helmet is equipped with turn signal lights, which are controlled by the gesture of cyclist’s head. Therefore the cycler does not…By: Andreo31 Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring(…)