Insole Electric Heating Pads

Keeping my toes warm while cycling in the winter has been a problem for many years. Pedaling keeps the pressure on the front of the foot continuously which seems to impede circulation causing toes to get cold more rapidly than when walking. This is further compounded for those of us who suffer fro…By: IC_Biker Continue(…)


Automated Solar Heating for Pools

This is a cheap pool heating automation which uses solar power to heat the water.It is based on an esp8266 module (connected to a router or used as an AP(accesz point)) which allows the system to be controlled through WiFi using a web browser or it’s app (still in development).It uses a water pump/f…By: DanielM953(…)


Heating Bed Glass Sticking Coat for PLA

For less than 10 € and a short know how training, get a life time lasting solution for heating bed glass sticking.This sticking coat is: Natural. A renewable material. Very cheap. Reusable eternaly (Seems true, but not checked yet !) Easy to set (and clean, after many prints).Leaving a flat and …By: ThierryB32 Continue Reading(…)