How to Decorate a Headboard

An old, scratched, or missing headboard can be an eyesore in your bedroom. The headboard is the centerpiece of your bed and can pull your whole room together, so you want it to reflect your personal style and complement the rest of your room. You can decorate your headboard by painting it, using fabric, or(…)


DIY Headboard Bench

I have seen many of these headboard benches on Pinterest but I have never been lucky enough to find a headboard and footer together. But after discovering Annie Sloan chalk paint I figured I could mix and match what I had and I could just paint them all the same color. Materials I started with(…)



So we have a new house and our bedroom is kind of boring and we don’t want to make to many marks in the walls yet, I saw someone that had used the Mosslanda picture shelf for making shelves for a headboard and had an idea of my headboard from that, my idea was that(…)