How to Dye a Lacrosse Head

Dyeing your lacrosse head is a great way to give your stick a personalized, distinctive look! Many players at every level play with dyed sticks. Not only can it bring new life to an old stick, it can draw lots of attention on the field and give your game a new attitude. There are multiple(…)


CNC Plasma Cut Deer Head

In my metalworking shop in Oklahoma City, I build all sorts of things. A year ago a client’s son asked me if he could apprentice under me in the afternoons as his High School’s "Externship" program. I’ve always said there’s no value to letting your knowledge die with you, so I accepted and he starte…By:(…)


Pallet Head Board

I recently moved into a new house and never had a headboard for my bed. After weeks of getting my garage/workshop in order it was time to start a project. Not having a lot of extra cash laying around I needed a budget friendly project and there is no better price then free pallets. So(…)


Rabbit Head Trophy

With plastic straws to drink, we will build a modern geometric trophy rabbit head to decorate a wall. Material For this you need:the model drawn on a sheet plastic straws some thread scotch scissors pena pearl a paint bomb Prepare the Shape of the Rabbit’s Head What gives all the originality a…By: EvaA13 Continue Reading(…)