Decorative Wall Hanging

In this time of festive season, everyone want to decorate their home / work place / garden etc. with their beautiful creativity and also with an economic way.Here I am introducing an article of mine which may give you good knowledge to decor your house. Materials and Tools Required Materials Use…By: artwithdEva Continue Reading »(…)


Hanging Cam Stand

In this day and age we all seem to be recording every movement either for keepsakes or for some chance to be a youtube sensation. Ask a hundred kids and seventy-five will tell you they want to be a youtube star some day. It’s this same allure that got me started with recording the things(…)


Bundt Cake to Hanging Lamp!

Welcome to this crazy adventure of making a hanging plant/lamp out of a bundt cake!Yup, A BUNDT-CAKE PAN!(anyone else think of My Big Fat Greek Wedding?)I’m a product designer, and I had this idea when I was designing high school furniture. Plants are great for classrooms, homes and offices, adding …By: Ange Zelenak Continue Reading(…)


Making a Wall Hanging Brass Mechanical Alarm Clock in the Home Machine Shop

This build is for a weight driven verge and foliot alarm clock based on plans by John Wilding. The plans and materials can all be purchased from Ian T Cobb’s website www.clockmaking-brass.co.uk Like many people I was captivated by Clickspring’s videos of his clock project, so I decided that I would …By: Thonemeister Continue Reading(…)