Hanging Desk

Time: 4-5 hoursCost: $ 35-$ 65 (depending on if you already have hardware, stain, poly, etc.)Tools: Table and/or circular saw, hammer, drill, paint brush, level, yardstick or measuring tape, bolt cutters, stud finderOptional Tools: Biscuit joiner, Kreg jig, nail gun, driverSize: 34 1/2" x 15" x 3" tot…By: TexasSawdust Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring –(…)


PVC Hanging Chair

I looked at several commercial options to get a sense of the design and size of these chairs. This project morphed from a swinging bench so I wanted it to be big enough for 2 kids. It is going in my daughters room so it will be used for reading and play dates.I looked at(…)


DIY Teddy bear wall hanging | How to make woolen teddy bear wall decor | Room Decor | DIY CraftsLane

Hello friends!! Today i’m gonna share one cute adorable DIY craft for room decor or wall hanging.Pom Pom teddy bear and wall hanging made from thermocol and paper.It looks so pretty and cute.It can also use as a gift set.You an give this to your loved one as a gift. So let’s start crafting:)Material…By: diycraftslane(…)


Glass Mounted Hanging Cat Bed

If you have some cats, you’ll know that one of their favorite sports is sleeping. Some cats sleep around 16 hours a day, and they love to vary the place where they lie down to sleep.For this project my wife and I made a hanging cat bet, so our cats would have their own comfy(…)


Turtle Shell Hanging

turning a found shell into decor Find Shell I don’t have a picture of finding it because my father in law found it and gave it to me, he found it in the woods if that helps. Clean! this tutorial is for after all of the actual turtle is already rotted off. Cover in warm(…)


Hanging Balcony Bar Table

Hi everyone!So we’ve been living at a place with a sweet balcony for most of the year and have been sitting out there many times at a regular table with bench seats. Don’t get me wrong, we love that, but there is an awesome view just sitting there, above the brick at eye level… We(…)


Hanging Tins on the Wall, No Damage.

A way to hang those collector tins or tin trays to the wall without damaging the item. The Bits Dead Harddrive or another super magnet sourceTin for hanging. Hot Glue. Remove Magnet from Hard drive Plenty of links out there already. Pulling apart a desktop hard drive to get rare earth magnet…By: japa62 Continue Reading(…)


Hanging Door Sloth

This was a fun little weekend project. My friend was having an animal themed baby shower and asked if I could make some of the decorations. This was one of them, a doorway hanging three toed sloth. Ultimately, I painted it grey to match… The Template The overall design was very simple. I cre…By: boddhi15(…)