Bundt Cake to Hanging Lamp!

Welcome to this crazy adventure of making a hanging plant/lamp out of a bundt cake!Yup, A BUNDT-CAKE PAN!(anyone else think of My Big Fat Greek Wedding?)I’m a product designer, and I had this idea when I was designing high school furniture. Plants are great for classrooms, homes and offices, adding …By: Ange Zelenak Continue Reading(…)


Making a Wall Hanging Brass Mechanical Alarm Clock in the Home Machine Shop

This build is for a weight driven verge and foliot alarm clock based on plans by John Wilding. The plans and materials can all be purchased from Ian T Cobb’s website www.clockmaking-brass.co.uk Like many people I was captivated by Clickspring’s videos of his clock project, so I decided that I would …By: Thonemeister Continue Reading(…)


Hanging Light Planter

Being an avid gardener, I am always looking for interesting and fun ways to display plants in my yard or on my porch. One good way that I have found is using items that my neighbors have dis-guarded. These items are free and I am up-cycling to boot ☺. Materials that you will need-1.An abandon…By:(…)


Modern Hanging Planter

Everyone else in my family has plants. My mom has 50 million of them, my dad has a fig, my older sister has lots of succulents, even my younger siblings have a tiny cactus and a succulent named "Sucky". I have nothing. This makes me feel sad and lonely. I need a plant. So I(…)


The Phases of Mood Wall Hanging

Hello everyone, i am here with my new instructables! which is a lunar phases wall hanging. as we all know that moon have different phases everyday and found it very interesting and converted the moment into easy and low cost still beautiful wall hanging.a home decor charm that can be sized up, siz…By: kreativo13496 Continue(…)